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A Faith of One

Author: zgamer
Location: Unknown

"A Faith of One"

Distributed by: Focus Features
Produced by: Paul Haggis, Cathy Schulman, and Diana Ossana
Directed by: Sam Mendes
Written by: Paul Haggis and Larry McMurty

Principal Cast:

Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Bishop Hal Nelson
Sean Penn as Rabbi Max Cohen
David Strathairn as Allen Samson
Ed Harris as Samuel Rodgers
Catherine Keener as Patricia “Patty” Nelson
Haley Joel Osment as Mark Nelson
Jake Gylllenhaal as Andy Spritz
Laura Linney as Mary Levy
Clive Owen as Jeremy Levy
Keisha Castle-Hughes as Emily Fallon
Heath Ledger as Oliver Fallon
William Hurt as Paul Fallon

Tagline: "Religion is never intimidated"

Release Date: December 12, 2007

Synopsis: In a small Utah town, the people are strictly divided by religion. The largest of these religions are the predominant Latter-Day Saints who are represented by their bishop Hal Nelson (Hoffman). There’s also the Jewish community who are represented by rabbi Max Cohen (Penn), the Baptists who are represented by their pastor Allen Samson (Strathairn), and the Protestants led by their minister Samuel Rodgers (Harris). Though these religions coexist within this town, there is a huge degree of separation among the people. As each religion strays away from those of the other, the rift grows larger.

This is seen the most through the eyes of the many of the members of each faith. There’s Mark Nelson (Osment), the bishop’s son, whose faith is waning due to his alienation by his fellow members. Then there’s the married Jewish couple Mary and Jeremy (Owen and Linney), who are facing the issue of having an increase of Mormon families moving into their neighborhood. Then there’s Emily Fallon (Hughes), a girl adopted to a Baptist family, who is being pressured with the religious beliefs of her demanding Baptist father Paul (Hurt) and her newly converted Mormon brother Oliver (Ledger). It seemed that there could be no way the situation for these people could worse.

Then came a fateful day in late October. That was the day Andy Spritz (Gyllenhaal), a very verbal antichrist, came into town. Knowing of the town’s religious differences, Spritz begins spreading his “teachings” to the populace in hope of causing chaos among the faiths. What follows is a maelstrom of confusion and deceit that threatens all within the town. As members of each faith are tested by Andy’s assault, their leaders begin to stand up for themselves. Forced to tolerate each other, these men set out to defend their members and their faith. But as the months go by, they notice that their defense is causing more confusion and tension. Will they find a way to stop this religious upset together or will Spritz’s anarchy reign supreme?

What the press would say:

“Shocking”. “Controversial”. “Powerful”. “Inspiring”. Just some of the words used to describe this amazing movie from people who know about tensions. Paul Haggis’s deep examination of religion, similar to what he did for Crash, is complemented excellently by Larry McMurty’s sensitive yet powerful dialogue. Sam Mendes is wisely chosen as the director, as he divulges into the touchy subjects of religion and religious tolerance with intelligence and sensitivity. While it’s not a big Hollywood picture, it has an excellent production crew that may convince people the opposite. The great scenery of Utah is beautifully captured by Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography, with Hughes Winborne’s editing setting the great pace that he used in Crash. The emotions of the town are beautifully expressed by Thomas Newman’s haunting yet wonderful score. However, it is the ensemble cast that makes the movie what it truly is, with each actor playing the amazing characters that are the writers’ signatures with true skill. The lead roles of the religious leaders portrayed in the movie are all played to their best. However, it is the talented Gyllenhaal who lights up the screen as the devilishly manipulative and garrulous antichrist who brings these events into motion. This is defiantly one of the movies that Oscars were made to be given to.

Best Picture: Cathy Schulman, Paul Haggis, Diana Ossana
Best Director: Sam Mendes
Best Actor: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Best Actor: David Strathairn
Best Actor: Ed Harris
Best Actor: Sean Penn
Best Supporting Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Supporting Actor: Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actres: Keisha Castle-Hughes
Best Original Screenplay: Paul Haggis and Larry McMurty
Best Cinematography: Rodrigo Prieto
Best Editing: Hughes Winborne
Best Original Music: Thomas Newman
Best Song: Andrew Llyod Webber for “Do You Believe”

A Question of Sanity

Author: Jamie Madden
Location: Melbourne, Australia

"A Question of Sanity"

Director: Spike Jonze
Writer: Charlie Kaufman
Producer: Scott Rudin
Cinematographer: Ellen Kuras
Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen
Production/Art Designer: Dan Leigh
Costumes: Ann Roth
Original Score: Carter Burwell

Principal Cast:

Woody Harrelson as Brian McDougal
Virginia Madsen as Veronica Green-McDougal
Catherine Keener as Trixie
Ed Harris as Randolph (Adolf) Thorn
Kevin Zegers As Chip Huntington

Tagline: "From sluggish to pro-athlete in just one concussion!"

Synopsis: Brian McDougal is an out of shape, lazy, television addict, with a keen interest in sports and a disturbing obsession with scarce bugs. His addiction causes the disintegration of his once hot and passionate marriage to newfound pill popping expert Veronica, and the loss of his mediocre job at a run down computer company, with a totalitarian capitalist boss nicknamed ‘Adolf’. While drunk and depressed, Brian trips on his beloved remote control and falls into a brief coma. Upon waking from a concussion, Brian believes he is Chip Huntington, star quarterback for the hottest football team of the season, and an imposter (the real Chip Huntington) is posing as himself on the field. Brian flees the bug-infested home, with the help of delusional, screwball dominatrix neighbour Trixie, to head off to the football field to take back his position on the team, and kill the imposter who has stolen his identity. Brian sees his actions as heroic. The rest of the world sees Brian as idiotic and demonic. Reality is mixed with the illusory, through a mix up of minds in the latest eccentric comedy from Charlie Kaufman, that sees one ordinary man turned into a deluded, crazed maniac.

What the press would say:

A welcome return for Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman in another brilliant Oscar worthy collaboration. A winning cast delivers spot on performances of a quirky script that subtly and smartly leaves the audience in stitches. Charlie Kaufman cements himself as the screenwriter of the unreal, with the help of a well-recognized cast that includes critical darlings Catherine Keener and Virginia Madsen, Transamerica-rookie Kevin Zegers, veteran Ed Harris and natural born killer Woody Harrelson (in his most successful comic role yet.) Visually stunning, thanks to the technical work of Dan Leigh, and stunning costumes by Ann Roth, woven together by Spike Jonze, who directs his best film yet!

For Your Consideration:

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor (Woody Harrelson)
Best Supporting Actress (Virginia Madsen, Catherine Keener)
Best Supporting Actor (Ed Harris, Kevin Zegers)
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Production/Art direction
Best Costume Design

Beautiful Baby

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"Beautiful Baby"

Directed By Anthony Minghella
Written By Anthony Minghella
Music By John Williams

Principal Cast:

Josh Hartnett-Jon Peters
Kristin Kreuk-Alexis Crane
Paul Giamatti-Dr. Sam Rinatto
Scarlett Johansson-Lydia Peters
Jake Gyllenhaal-Kevin Teague
Dule Hill-Ryan Williams
Viggo Mortensen-Det. Michael Martin
Aidan Quinn-Det. Artie Unger
Anthony Rapp-Hector James
Frances McDormand-Kelly Crane

Tagline: "You can't escape your past"

Synopsis: "Beautiful Baby" stars Josh Hartnett as a young man who impregnates his girlfriend while attending college and wants her to have an abortion so he does not have to deal with the baby. His girlfriend (Kristin Kreuk) refuses to comply and he murders her in a fit of rage and disposes of her body off Long Island. Then ten years later, Jon Peters has married Lydia (Scarlett Johansson) and has a newborn girl and DJ's on a nationwide radio station. But things become unhinged for Jon when he starts having visions of the girl he killed a decade ago while trying to push away two detectives (Viggo Mortensen and Aidan Quinn) who have reopened Alexis's murder case and consider Jon to be the prime suspect. Jon consults a psychiatrist (Paul Giamatti) when the visions start talking to him and causing him to act insane around his family and friends. With the help of Dr. Rinatto, Jon is led through a journey into his conscience that has a life-altering impact on all those close to him. Jake Gyllenhaal, Dule Hill, and Anthony Rapp star as Brian's friends and Frances McDormand plays Alexis's grieving mother.

What the press would say:

Anthony Minghella's latest cinematic venture tackles one of the biggest issues in politics today: abortion. But the film does so much more than make a statement; it is suspenseful, sad, powerful, and moving all at the same time. Josh Hartnett stars as Jon in his best performance as the tortured young man who is forced to deal with a murder he thought he removed from his mind. Paul Giamatti is great as the psychiatrist who is trying to put together the puzzle of Jon's past while keeping a professional distance. Viggo Mortensen and Aidan Quinn have great chemistry as a duo of detectives who are following the murder ten years after the crime was committed. But the best performance of the film comes from Scarlett Johansson as Jon's wife who is affected the most by her husband's increasingly mental instability.

Best Picture
Best Director-Anthony Minghella
Best Original Screenplay-Anthony Mingella
Best Actor-Josh Hartnett
Best Supporting Actor-Paul Giamatti
Best Supporting Actor-Viggo Mortensen
Best Supporting Actress-Scarlett Johanssen
Best Supporting Actress-Kristin Kreuk
Best Supporting Actress-Frances McDormand
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score


Author: Qasim Asif
Location: England


Directed by Patty Jenkins
Produced by Stephen Daldry
Written by Patty Jenkins

Principal Cast:

Jack Nicholson – The BTK killer / Dennis L. Rader
Jane Fonda – Delores Davis
Judi Dench – Marine Hedge
Ali Larter - Kathryn Bright
Liza Minelli – Nancy Fox
Penelope Cruz – Josephine Otera
Nicholas Cage – Joseph Otera
Anne Hathaway – Julie Otera
Rosie O’Donald – Shirley Vian
Julia Stiles – Vicki Wegerie

Tagline: "Go to this address, You will find a homicide. That’s correct"

Synopsis: A disturbing biopic into the life of Dennis L. Rader formally known as the BTK killer, the film explores the mind of Dennis and the last days of his victims and the forensic search for the most notorious killer in Wichita.

What the press would say:

Oscar Predictions:

Best Picture
Best Director – Patty Jenkins
Best Leading Actor – Jack Nicholson
Best Supporting Actress - Jane Fonda, Judi Dench, Liza Minelli, Julia
Stiles, Ali Larter
Best Supporting Actor – Nicholas Cage
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Best Sound
Best Editing
Best Sound Editing
Best Makeup
Best Music, Original Score


Author: Craig
Location: CA


Directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu
Written by Guillermo Arriaga
Music by Alexandre Desplat

Principal Cast:

Emmy Rossum (Jennifer Freeman)
Shawn Ashmore (Patrick)
Evan Rachel Wood (Danielle)
Johnny Depp (Mark Huthrow)
Scott Mechlowicz (Kyle)
Thora Birch (Chloe)
Renee Zellweger (Amelia Huthrow)
Julianne Moore (Cathy Freeman)
Haley Joel Osment (Todd)

Tagline: "It really happened"

Synopsis: In the tradition of 21 Grams and Babel, director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu presents a new three person drama but this time, it contains an all-star supporting cast as well. It is the story of a young girl (Rossum) who avoids a train accident and becomes connected with two others who are somehow involved.

Ashmore is the only survivor of the accident who is visited by Jennifer in the hospital, and finds himself falling in love with her. Wood is a teenager who was orphaned by the accident, and turns to drugs to escape her grief. Mechlowicz is the typical sports star boyfriend of Jennifer, who becomes suspicious of her frequent trips to the hospital. Depp plays a teacher who is deeply concerned by the lead’s behavior. Birch plays a teenage girl who befriends Jennifer during her personal crisis. Zellweger plays Depp’s wife who wonders why he is becoming more distant and why his thoughts are always somewhere else. Moore is the mother who becomes frightened by her daughter’s new aggressive behavior. And Osment is a friend of Danielle who realizes that she does not belong with drugs. The three stories soon become linked and things become even more complicated.

What the press would say:

Emmy Rossum turns in another amazing performance as a young girl who begins to unravel after she witnesses the accident. Her performance is awe-inspiring, but the best performance is Wood’s. Similar and different at the same time to her role in Thirteen, Wood portrays a troubled girl with flying stars. She completely dissolves into her character and steals the show. Depp gives another Oscar-caliber performance as the teacher, but Zellweger surpasses even him as his wife, who beings to believe that he is having affair. Renee is fabulous in one of her first gritty roles, and this will certainly change her career for the better. Birch is fantastic as the mature but troubled girl, and while her role is not very demanding, she draws all attention to her when she is onscreen. Moore again displays her talent as the frightened moth er who is too afraid to do anything to help her daughter. While not a particularly caring mother, her maternal instincts kick in when she realizes her daughter may be a danger to herself and others. Great directing and another superb script make this a surefire Academy Award winning project. The potential awards are:

Best Picture
Best Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu
Best Original Screenplay: Guillermo Arriaga
Best Actress: Emmy Rossum
Best Actress: Evan Rachel Wood
Best Supporting Actor: Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actor: Johnny Depp
Best Supporting Actress: Renee Zellweger
Best Supporting Actress: Julianne Moore
Best Special Effects


Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL


Directed by Woody Allen
Produced by Woody Allen and Mike Nichols
Written by Woody Allen and Tony Kushner
Music by Gustavo Santaolalla

Principal Cast:

Nicole Kidman (Angie Howard)
Clive Owen (Phil Howard)
Eric Szmanda (Jim Gravers)
Marcia Gay Harden (Margaret Banker)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Craig Luxford)

Tagline: "Love can be as violent as hate"

Synopsis: The movie tells the story of a lonely woman (Kidman) who is stuck within a violent and abusive marriage with her professor husband (Owen). She feels miserable as she has no family to return to as well as no money to pay for a divorce or lawyer. She one day goes out to a department store and meets a sales clerk there (CSI’s Eric Szmanda). She is intrigued by this handsome young man and he is fascinated by this slightly older woman. The two begin having an intense and lustrous affair that is kept in dark corners. Angie doesn’t know what to do: she loves Jim but cannot make herself leave her husband. Even the advice of Angie’s best friend (Harden), as well as Jim’s (Hoffman), doesn’t seem to work out. What results is a secret love that lasts through turmoil, deceit and ultimate tragedy.

What the press would say:

Allen has provided another flawless piece of art with intense drama and stellar performances. The intimate setting and small cast allow for the actors to shine through. Kidman is wonderful in a magnificent role and Owen truly allows himself to go free with his character. Harden is a pleasant sight once again and the movie also includes a breakthrough performance for Szmanda, better known for his Greg Sanders persona from television’s CSI. Even Mike Nichols gives an unusual touch as producer and the writing combination team of Woody Allen and Tony Kushner could not be better. The awards consideration campaign:

Best Picture
Best Director: Woody Allen
Best Actor: Clive Owen
Best Actress: Nicole Kidman
Best Supporting Actor: Eric Szmanda
Best Supporting Actress: Marcia Gay Harden
Best Original Screenplay: Woody Allen and Tony Kushner
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score

Each Six Years

Author: Harry
Location: Unknown

"Each Six Years"

Directed by Roman Polanski
Screenplay by M. Night Shyalaman
Music by Howard Shore
Cinematography by Dion Beebe
Editing by Hughes Winborne

Principal Cast:

Ralph Fiennes … Oscar Harrison
Naomi Watts … Mary Harrison
Dakota Fanning … Samantha Harrison
Bruce Willis … Michael Jenkins

Tagline: "An object will curse a girl’s life November 2006"

Synopsis: The married couple Oscar (Ralph Fiennes) and Mary Harrison (Naomi Watts) want to adopt a child because Mary can’t have children. They adopt a six year old girl called Samantha. Nobody knew what became of the real parents of Samantha but there were rumors that they had died in a car accident.

Six years later, Samantha is a twelve year old girl without friend. At school, her classmates considered her weird.

One day, at the house garden, Samantha finds a mysterious book written by “Anonymous” and called “Each Six Years”. At night, Samantha reads the book and the only thing written in every page was “At Six People Will Lie, And Six Years Later She Will Be Visiting after She Dies”.

As the movie goes on, Samantha tells her father she meet a strange woman (Never showed in the film) that told her she was her mother…

What the press would say:

You may forget “Rosemary’s Baby”. Polanski’s new horror thriller is “An Amazing Achievement in Movie History”- Sigh & Sound Magazine. “Six thumbs way up”- Roger Elbert. “The horror film of the decade!”- Rolling Stone.

All the critic’s agree. EACH SIX YEARS is one of the best thrills of the decade and the best movie of the year. It has already won millions of awards. 6 Golden Globes! (Best Picture Drama, Directing, Actor Drama, Actress Drama, Supporting Actress, Screenplay) Roman Polanski is at his glorious days and the academy will recognize it with tons of nominations (10)

ACTOR- Fiennes
SUP. ACTOR- Willis

Endless Summer

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"Endless Summer"

Directed By Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Written By Guillermo Arriaga and Paul Haggis
Music By James Newton Hall
Produced By Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Paul Haggis, Oliver Stone

Principal Cast:

Tom Arnold (Eddie Morgan)
Lucas Black (Sam Garmun)
Nicolas Cage (Vinnie Reeder)
Jamie Foxx (Damien)
Topher Grace (Louis Kozlowski)
Dule Hill (Richie)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Freddie Mitchell)
Ernie Hudson (Officer Dansfield)
Michael Imperioli (Jon Mattzeratti)
Michael Keaton (Ted Johnson)
Catherine Keener (Felicia Burns)
Kristin Kreuk (Ana Johnson)
Ryan Merriman (Aaron Westmore)
Kim Raver (Sara Mitchell)
Sam Rockwell (Wally Smith)
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Danielle Bernarna)
Evan Rachel Wood (Caroline Reeder)

Tagline: "When the sun shines bright and the trees are green you wish you had an endless summer"

Synopsis: From the acclaimed team that brought "21 Grams", "Amores Perros", and "The Thre Burials Of Melquiades Estrada" comes a new ensemble drama with a massive cast of fantastic actors. The story centers on 17 individuals living in intertwining lives that are suddenly thrown together in a deadly traffic accident on a highway in Southern Florida. Eddie Morgan (Tom Arnold) is a truck driver who is under investigation for suppossedly transporting illegal immigrants to Northern states. Sam Garmun (Lucas Black) is a young college baseball player who is dating Ana (Kristin Kreuk) while falling for the beauty of a stripper (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Vinnie Reeder (Nicolas Cage) is the CEO of a multi-million dollar business that has seen better days and is trying to reconnect with his daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) after the sudden death of his wife at the hands of a drug dealer. Damien (Jamie Foxx) and Richie (Dule Hill) are two brothers who are trying to break into the house of a wealthy lawyer (Michael Keaton) so they can find something to blackmail him into representing them in an upcoming court case. Louis Kozlowski (Topher Grace) is the jealous friend of Sam Garmun's who claims that Sam ruined his chances of playing baseball in a ATV accident in high school. Freddie (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is an unfaithful husband to his wife Sara (Kim Raver) and wants to divorce her but does not want to lose custody of their two children. Officer Dansfield (Ernie Hudson) is an aging traffic cop who is harassed by other officers because he is getting too old to do his job. Jon Mattzeratti (Michael Imperioli) is a car dealer who is trying to compete with his rival, Felicia Burns (Catherine Keener), when the demand for his cars begins to fade. Aaron Westmore (Ryan Merriman) is stripper Danielle's ex-boyfriend who does not want to let her go. Wally Smith (Sam Rockwell) is a high school teacher who is accused of having sex with one of his students. All of these lives will come together in one spectacular and tragic moment where people live and people die on one beautiful summer day.

What the press would say:

"Endless Summer" is an epic, masterful drama that grips the viewer's heart and captures their minds. Inarritu has made the best movie of his career with the help of the always exceptional Guillermo Arriaga. In the film, 17 seemingly unrelated characters are brought together by a huge pileup on a Floridian highway where some characters die, some are injured, and some are miraculously unharmed. If there was an award at the Oscar for best ensemble then these actors would have absolutely no problem winning that one. Every actor seems worthy of individual recognition, although there are some standouts. Tom Arnold is surprisingly good in a very dramatic role as a hick truck driver who is hiding a lot from the police. Jamie Foxx is amazing as a thief and blackmailer who has a short temper and a lot to say. Ernie Hudson is phenomenal as the tragic victim of degrading pranks from the people he thought were his friends. Kim Raver deserves best-in-show kudos as a housewife who learns that her husband is cheating on her and becomes very adament about not letting him have contact with their children. All in all, "Endless Summer" is perfect from the acting to the writing to the music. It will blow you away with its sheer emotion and power.

Best Picture
Best Director-Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Best Original Screenplay
Best Supporting Actor-Tom Arnold
Best Supporting Actor-Lucas Black
Best Supporting Actor-Philip Seyour Hoffman
Best Supporting Actor-Ernie Hudson
Best Supporting Actress-Catherine Keener
Best Supporting Actress-Kim Raver
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing

Friendship: The Innocent Years

Author: Ashley
Location: Tulsa, OK

"Friendship: The Innocent Years"

Directed by Ron Howard
Written by Paul Haggis
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Ridge Canipe (Kyle Andrews)
Morgan York (Emma Parks)
Joaquin Phoenix (Bruce Andrews)
Jenna Fischer (Pam Andrews)
Rachel McAdams (Megan Parks)
Eric McCormack (Michael Parks)

Tagline: "Remember the innocent years?"

Synopsis: When Kyle’s parents are always fighting he chooses to turn to his best friend, Emma, for comfort. Emma on the other hand has the perfect parents making it hard for her to understand Kyle’s situation. Once Pam, Kyle’s mom, sees that Bruce’s verbal abuse might turn physical she decides to get a divorce. As Pam’s rock Megan, Emma’s mother, helps her through the situation. During the time Pam and Megan are talking Kyle and Emma have the time of their lives together even through their troubles.

What the press would say:

This film takes an unlikely cast and makes it seem as if it were a cast made in heaven. Especially the two children as their performances make you feel for them and cheer for them throughout it all. This is hands down the best picture of the year. Two thumbs up! Likely awards it will be nominated for include:

Best Picture
Best Director: Ron Howard
Best Original Screenplay: Paul Haggis
Best Original Score: John Williams
Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
Best Actress: Jenna Fischer
Best Supporting Actor: Eric McCormack
Best Supporting Actor: Ridge Canipe
Best Supporting Actress: Rachel McAdams
Best Supporting Actress: Morgan York
Best Original Song: “Remember When”- Katharine McPhee and Carrie Underwood
And other technical awards!

Greater Tuna

Author: Connor Campbell
Location: Carrollton, TX

"Greater Tuna"

Directed by Ed Howard
Written by Ed Howard, Joe Sears & Jaston Williams
Film editing- Ed Howard

Principal Cast:

Joe Sears- Thurston Wheelis, Elmer Watkins, Bertha Bumiller, Yippy, Leonard Childers, Aunt Pearl Burras, RR Snavely, The Reverend Spikes, Sheriff Givens, Hank Bumiller & Himself
Jaston Williams- Arles Struvie,Didi Snavely, Harold Dean Lattimer, Petey Fisk, Little Jody Bumiller, Stanley Bumiller, Charlene Bumiller, Chad Hartford, Phinas Blye, Vera Carp
& Himself
Ed Howard- Himself

Tagline: "Welcome to Tuna,Texas, where the Lion's Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies"

Synopsis: Greater Tuna is a play that tells a story about Tuna, Texas' third smallest town. It follows all the citizens of Tuna, all of which are hilariously portrayed by two very talented actors, Joe Sears & Jaston Williams. This film shows both the play & behind the scenes of their first ever performance outside of the US at the Edinburgh Festival in 1988

What the press would say:

"I have seen Greater Tuna in New York several times and it's even better on film. I love the whole "Prairie Home" element of it all with the backstage scenes. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Jaston Williams & Joe Sears give phenomenal performances (as usual) and who knew that Ed Howard could act?"


Best Picture
Best Director- Ed Howard
Best Actor- Joe Sears
Best Supporting Actor- Jaston Williams
Best Adapted Screenplay- Ed Howard, Joe Sears
& Jaston Williams
Best Film Editing- Ed Howard


Author: Jamie Madden
Location: Melbourne, Australia


Director: Gillian Armstrong
Producer: Mike Nichols
Writer: Joanna Murray Smith, based on her play
Original Score: Paul Grabowsky
Cinematography: Donald McAlpine
Editor: Simon Whitington
Costumes: Ann Roth
Production Designer: Tony Cronin

Principal Cast:

Judy Davis as Honor
Colin Friels as Gus
Emily Blunt as Claudia
Abbie Cornish as Sophie

Tagline: "They promised to love, honour and obey, until she came along"

Synopsis: Gus and Honor have been happily married for thirty years. She is a successful writer, he is an admired columnist. They have a perfect understanding of each other. Until a pushy young female journalist-on assignment to profile Gus-quite deliberately seeks to undermine that understanding. The fallout is dreadful-but beautifully and convincingly portrayed in all its painful consequences. “Honour” is a story with four characters that have a universal as well as particular significance. Honor (without the u) is dignified and beautiful but has a sense of a life well lived, and of experience that has been rewarded with a fine sense of irony and humor. Gus is a man who is surprised by an ambush of youth and desire, and learns through the writing of his lover, and that of his wife, that wisdom and experience enrich and give value. Claudia is a sexy and beautiful young woman, whose sensuality is a lie beneath a vulnerability and emptiness that even a relationship with Gus cannot fill. Sophie is a hurt child that re-emerges from the angry young adult, still loving and needing the father she thinks has behaved so badly. The contrast between this daughter and the mother who has been rejected only emphasizes Honor's wisdom. “Honour” deals with the temptation of the male libido, opportunism, youth, betrayal, and family breakdown.

What the press would say:

With the release of “Candy” and “Jindabyne” earlier this year in cinemas, “Honour” adds to the list of accomplished films that are bringing back Australian cinema. Gillian Armstrong (“Little Women”, “My Brilliant Career”) teams up again with Judy Davis (current seen in “Marie Antoinette” famous for “Husbands and Wives”, and “A Passage to India”) in this exceptional adaptation of Joanna Murray Smith’s play about Gus (Colin Friels; “Dark City”) and Honor who long marriage ends after Gus has an affair with the indelibly beautiful Emily Blunt (“My Summer of Love”, and “The Devil Wears Prada”.) “Honour” follows the simple journey of four normal people, through the end of a marriage. The amazing performances in this film are first class and Oscar worthy, with Judy Davis and Colin Friels as husband and wife (on and off screen), Emily Blunt as a youthful temptress, and the incredible newcomer Abbie Cornish (“Candy”, 2003’s AFI winning performance in “Somersault”) as Sophie, the hurt daughter. Complete with a Oscar nominated and winning crew; with beautiful costumes by Ann Roth (The Hours, Angels in America), cinematography by Donald McAlpine (Moulin Rouge, Stepmom), and score by Paul Grabowsky (Empire Falls, Innocence.)


Best Picture
Best Director
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Actress (Judy Davis)
Best Actor (Colin Friels)
Best Supporting Actress (Emily Blunt, Abbie Cornish)
Best Original Score
Best Costume Design
Best Editing
Best Production/Art Design

Intimate Portraits

Author: Brett
Location: Wisconsin

"Intimate Portraits"

Directed by Todd Field
Written by Dan Futterman
Music by Cameron Crowe
Distributed by Focus Features

Principal Cast:

Frances McDormand as Annie Leibovitz
Val Kilmer as Jann S. Wenner
Sally Field as Susan Sontag
Jude Law as John Lennon
Sandra Oh as Yoko Ono
Terry Chen as Ben Fong Torres
The Rolling Stones (archive footage)

Tagline: "They say a picture says a thousand words. Annie's pictures screamed them"

Synopsis: Intimate Portraits follows the life of famed Pop Culture photographer Annie Leibovitz, focusing on her early career living on an Israeli Kibbutz and her years as chief photographer of Rolling Stone Magazine. The main focus of the story, however, is of the fateful day in 1980 when Annie shot the last existing photograph of John Lennon, pictured with his then wife Yoko Ono, as well as their longtime friendship leading up to that point.

What the press would say:

A superb director, screenwriter, and leading cast highlight this inspiring and heartbreaking biopic of world renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz and the many artists she captured in her alluring photographs. Frances McDormand is superb as the genius revolutionary who defined popular culture in the 20th century. A never-better Val Kilmer plays her Rolling Stone Editor Jann Wenner, and a fantastic Sally Field plays her longtime companion Susan Sontag. A surprising casting choice also places Jude Law and Sandra Oh at the forefront of the saddening story in the heartbreaking subplot of Lennon's last days on earth. This beautifully written and shot feature film was crafted by the acclaimed director Todd Field, and Academy Award nominee Dan Futterman, and Leibovitz herself served as a supervising producer, providing exclusive and never before seen prints from her days at Rolling Stone, including archive footage of her tour with the international rock group The Rolling Stones.

The studio is pulling for a strong Oscar campaign in the following categories:

Best Picture
Best Director, Todd Field
Best Original Screenplay, Dan Futterman
Best Actress, Frances McDormand
Best Supporting Actor, Val Kilmer
Best Supporting Actor, Jude Law
Best Supporting Actress, Sandra Oh
As well as various technical awards.

Jaws and the Damage Done

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"Jaws and the Damage Done"

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Written by Carl Gottlieb and John Milius
Music by John Williams
Produced by Steven Spielberg and Richard D. Zanuck

Principal Cast:

Roy Scheider - Martin Brody
Richard Dreyfuss - Matt Hooper
Casey Affleck - Petty Officer Quint
Lorraine Gary - Ellen Brody
Adrien Brody - Michael Brody
Joaquin Phoenix - Sheriff Deputy Sean Brody
Robert Shaw - Quint (Archive Footage)

Tagline: "Just when you felt it was ok to move on"

Synopsis: Set 15 years after the events in Jaws 2, the killer shark haunts the lives of it's killers in their dreams and in their psyche. Martin Brody, now retired police chief of Amity Island tries to shake the nightmares that constantly take over him and his life, even to a point where he's afraid of getting in the bath tub. His breakdown and ultimately his fateful heart attack change the lives of his youngest son Sean, and wife as their fear and hatred for the water becomes disturbing. Famed marine biologist Matt Hooper and apprentice Michael Brody try to uncover the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle. As their ship becomes lost at sea, and begins to leak, their past comes to haunt them as well and fear takes over. Mirrored in flashbacks of these events is the famous sinking of the U.S.S. Indianopolis where then timid petty officer Quint tries to fight off attacking sharks while watching his fellow crew members being eaten alive. The battle is over, but the damage is done.

What the press would say:

Spielberg's back and so is the shark! And once again, expect him to put the beaches and bathrooms out of business. This time the shark works, but don't expect to be oversaturated with attacks. He meshes the horror and pyschiological thriller well here. Instead of making a studio bloodfest, he dives deep into traumatic struggles his characters now face. Roy Scheider tops his underrated career with his best performance, after battling an illness and subpar movie choices, look for Scheider to capture our hearts and his own statue. Joaquin Phoenix's portrayel of the doting youngest son Sean is heartwarming, his bedside grief for his ailing father is what oscar moments are made of. Though one of the best on screen confrontations doesn't come with a shark but between two friends. When Dreyfuss' Hooper and Brody's Michael Brody begin to fight with eachother on a sinking ship, even though no sharks are a threat or in sight their fears take over and puts us on the edge of our seats. John Milius' takes over scriptwriting duties for the Quint story brilliantly, turning Quint's famous cocky and assured seasoned shark hunter into a fearful petty officer of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, showing you how he grew into the relentless man he would later become. Casey Affleck embarks on the most physical and demanding role taking on where Shaw left off, assuring him an oscar nod. John Williams tweaks his original Jaws theme at the perfect time. The minute Quint falls into the water and rises to the surface, he hits us hard with the terrifying notes. Finally, justice is brought to the Jaws franchise.

Best Picture
Best Director - Steven Spielberg
Best Actor - Roy Scheider
Best Actor - Richard Dreyfuss
Best Supporting Actor - Joaquin Phoenix
Best Supporting Actor - Casey Affleck
Best Original Screenplay - Carl Gottlieb & John Milius
Best Cinematography - Janusz Kaminski
Best Score - John Williams
Best Special Effects - John Frazier & John Dykstra
Best Editing

Jersey Boys

Author: Pat
Location: New York

"Jersey Boys"

Directed By: Rob Marshall
Written By: Bill Condon
Based Upon The Musical-Book By Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, Music And Lyrics By Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe

Principal Cast:

John Lloyd Young-Frankie Valli
Christian Hoff-Tommy DeVito
Daniel Reichard-Bob Gaudio
J. Robert Spencer-Nick Massi
Peter Gregus-Bob Crewe
Renee Zellweger-Mary Delgado
Alan Alda-Gyp DeCarlo
Taye Diggs-Hal Miller
Keri Russell-Lorraine
Paul Bettany-Norman Waxman
Max Minghella-Joey

Tagline: "To think, it all started with four guys singin' under a light post"

Synopsis: Rob Marshall directs the Tony-award winning musical that tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. John Lloyd young stars as Frankie Valli, a young Jersey Boy whose voice leads him to one of the biggest pop sensations in history. The band goes through good times and bad in one of the best musicals in recent history.

What the press would say:

In 2006, "Jersey Boys" won Best Musical at the Tonys and Rob Marshall's new film adaptation deserves to win Best Picture at the Oscars. The movie tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons from the beginning on a New Jersey street corner to an enormous stage in front of the whole world. It is at times hysterically comical while it can be heart wrenchingly dramatic. John Lloyd Young takes on his Tony-winning role of Frankie Valli in a performance that rivals to great musical actors of the Golden Age of cinema. The rest of the Four Seasons reprise their Broadway roles in this magnificent adaptation of a toe-tapping, tear-jearking musical sensation.

Best Picture
Best Director-Rob Marshall
Best Adapted Screenplay-Bill Condon
Best Actor-John Lloyd Young
Best Supporting Actor-Christian Hoff
Best Supporting Actress-Renee Zellweger
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Film Editing
Best Sound
Best Make Up

Law & Order SVU: The Movie

Author: Ashley
Location: Tulsa, OK

"Law and Order SVU: The Movie"

Directed by Ted Kotcheff
Written by Dick Wolf
Music by Mike Post

Principal Cast:

Mariska Hargitay- Dec. Olivia Benson
Christopher Meloni- Dec. Elliott Stabler
Richard Belzer- Dec. John Munch
Diane Neal- A.D.A Casey Novak
Michael Jackson- Ray Gegon

Tagline: "In the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City the dedicated detectives who investigate the felonies have never spent more time than this on a case. This is the story."

Synopsis: In this movie based on the popular television show the case is harder to crack than any other. The criminal, Ray Gegon, has yet to be found but the detectives work as hard as the can to get the answers. While working on this near to impossible case Olivia and Elliott discover their inner love for each other.

What the press would say:

This so-so series has been turned into a masterpiece on the big screen. With great performances, sexy romance, and intense crime this film has it all.

Best Picture
Best Actor-Christopher Meloni
Best Actress- Mariska Hargitay
Best Supporting Actor- Richard Belzer
Best Supporting Actress- Diane Neal
Best Original Screenplay- Dick Wolf
Best Makeup


Author: Pat
Location: New York


Directed By: Cameron Crowe
Written By: Cameron Crowe

Principal Cast:

Brandon Routh (Freddie Mercury)
Ralph Fiennes (Brian May)
Dan Futterman (John Deacon)
Heath Ledger (Roger Taylor)
Shaun Toub (Bomi Bulsara)
Shoreh Aghdashloo (Jer Bulsara)
Tim Staffell (Orlando Bloom)
Jonathan Ahdout (Young Freddie)

Tagline: "Is this the real life?"

Synopsis: Based upon the life of Freddie Mercury, this new Cameron Crowe film depicts the early life of the bisexual rock star and follows him to his death in 1991 due to complications with AIDS. Freddie Mercury (Brandon Routh) was born to Persian parents (Shaun Toub and Shoreh Aghdashloo) in Zanzibar and became interested with music at an early age and moved to England 1964 where he joined numerous bands until he found the one that would earn him worldwide popularity. Freddie and his band Queen (Ralph Fiennes, Dan Futterman, and Heath Ledger) take rock to a new level and stun the world with their music. But with all of his successes, Freddie had to deal with drug issues, his sexuality, and hiding his illness from the public until the day before he died.

What the press would say:

"Mercury" is a fantastic musical biopic that details the life of one of the most colorful icons in music history. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) takes on the title role of Freddie Mercury with chilling accuracy, although that could just be the fake overbite doing all of the work and he does not do his own singing. The rest of the cast is fantastic, with special kudos to Ralph Fiennes for portraying one of Freddie's longtime friends and bandmates. Cameron Crowe directs and writes this film to unbelievable success.

Academy Awards:
Best Picture
Best Director-Cameron Crowe
Best Original Screenplay-Cameron Crowe
Best Actor-Brandon Routh
Best Supporting Actor-Ralph Fiennes
Best Supporting Actor-Shaun Toub
Best Supporting Actress-Shoreh Aghdashloo
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Sound
Best Makeup

Metal Gear Solid

Author: zgamer
Location: Unknown

"Metal Gear Solid"

Distributed By: Universal Studios
Produced By: Jerry Bruckheimer, Barry Mendel, and Hideo Kojima
Directed By: Hideo Kojima
Written By: Stephen Gaghan and Hideo Kojima

Principal Cast:

Hugh Jackman as Solid Snake
Jessica Alba as Meryl Silverberg
Edward Norton as Hal “Otacon” Emmerich
Paul Bettany as Liquid Snake
Gary Oldman as Revolver Ocelot
Steve Buscemi as Psycho Mantis
Milla Jovovich as Sniper Wolf
Vin Diesel as Vulcan Raven
Jet Li as Ninja (Voice by Rob Paulsen)
Nicole Kidman as Naomi Hunter
Chris Cooper as Roy Campbell
Ziyi Zhang as Mei Ling
Izabelle Scorupco as Natasha Romanenko
Danny Glover as Donald Anderson
Gene Hackman as Kenneth Baker
Clint Eastwood as Jim Houseman
Willem Dafoe as Decoy Octopus

Tagline: "When politics fail, soldiers are called. When soldiers fail, the world turns to a snake"

Release Date: August 16, 2007

Synopsis: Shadow Moses Island. What used to be a small government island in the Alaskan Fox-Archipelago is now the site of an international threat. During a test for top arms manufacturer ARMSTECH, Next-Gen Special Forces led by members of a unit called FOX-HOUND invaded the island and seized its nuclear stockpile. With all of their forces gathered, their leader makes his demands: one billion dollars and the remnant of Big Boss’s DNA within 24 hours or they will launch a nuclear weapon. Under the pressure of the situation, Secretary of Defense Jim Houseman calls upon former FOX-HOUND commander Roy Campbell to bring Solid Snake, the man who stopped the incident in Outer Haven, out of retirement. With less than a day to stop the terrorist and forced to obtain all equipment on site, Solid Snake must use his wits, skills, and the new allies he makes to prevent a global disaster. But, will he be prepared for the new tricks the terrorists have up their sleeves.

What the press would say:

What could have been a mess similar to many atrocious video game adaptations is surprisingly handled with the most care and skill of a professional film crew. Hideo Kojima, making his film debut, expertly coordinates this new chapter in his pioneering video game franchise. His signature intense combat, complex (and bizzare) character development, and political conspiracy theme are all brought to life with the help of Stephen Gaghan’s screenplay assistance, Janusz Kaminski’s dynamic cinematography and some amazing visual effects. An all-star ensemble cast adds to the depth, with Jackman giving a compelling and multi-layered performance as Solid Snake. The best performances, however, go to Oldman, Bettany, and an amazing scene-stealing Jovovich as several of the diverse villains among FOX-HOUND. With a well thought campaign run by Universal and Oscar caliber production all around, this film is almost destined to sweep the awards.

Best Picture: Jerry Bruckheimer, Barry Mendel, Hideo Kojima*
Best Director: Hideo Kojima*
Best Supporting Actor: Gary Oldman*
Best Supporting Actor: Paul Bettany
Best Supporting Actress: Milla Jovovich*
Best Adapted Screenplay: Stephen Gaghan & Hideo Kojima*
Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski*
Art Direction: Dante Ferretti/ Set Direction: Francesca Lo Schiavo*
Sound: Christopher Boyes, David Parker, and Michael Semanick
Sound Editing: Mike Hopkins and Ethan Van der Ryn*
Editing: Michael Kahn*
Visual Effects: Joe Letteri, Richard Taylor, and Daniel Sudick*
Make-Up: David Leroy Anderson and Lance Anderson
Original Music: John Williams*

*= most likely for an award


Author: Deepak
Location: Appleton


Directed by Bill Condon
Produced by Bob Yari
Screenplay by Bill Condon
Music by Alan Silvestri

Principal Cast:

Liam Neeson as Mr. Jack McGrath
Juliette Binoche as Mrs. Roma McGrath
Emmy Rossum as Tamy McGrath
Haley Joel Osment as Norman McGrath
Freddie Highmore as Oliver McGrath
Anne Hathaway as Angela Kasper
Ralph Fiennes as Jony Talyin
Liam Aiken as Mustafa Akam

Tagline: "The best way to be when your family is falling apart is Oblivious!"

Synopsis: The McGraths were the ideal family of the Lloyds' Lane, so it was said. But what happened inside the McGrath household stayed inside. Mr. Jack McGrath was the breadwinner and a good father, so he believed. According to his children, he was overbearing, over-obsessive and also a 'pain in the rear.' He was married to Mrs. Roma McGrath in an arranged marriage when they were too young, so obviously, they didn't know the meaning of love. Roma was a housewife and a very strong Christian, who had begun her own church. According to her children, she was too nosey, she was a liar and was too sensitive. She loved the children of her church members than she did her own. Being married for 16 years, surprisingly, it wasn't what we would call a healthy relationship that Jack and Roma shared. Jack was abusive to his wife and kids and he was a drunk and slept with almost every woman in his office and Roma was having a long-lasting affair with the father of her youngest child's best friend, Jony Talyin. But they had no idea of each others' infidelity.

Tamy McGrath was the oldest of three children in the McGrath house. She was a 'blood sucking, crazy evil fiend,' according to the oldest of the two sons, Norman. Tamy was a pessimist, she was untrustworthy and too, too sensitive. She was a junkie and simultaneously was called the 'second mother of the family' as she would keep lecturing her brothers about good virtues. Norman McGrath was the oldest of the sons and a typical middle child. he couldn't decide if he was gay or bisexual but decided to stay in the closet till he died. He was an atheist and was always depressed and so he started smoking, drinking and he hated his parents and decided to kill them. He had a namesake friend, Mustafa, who always mocked him and apologized by saying that it was for a joke. Only Tamy and Norman knew about their parents' unfaithfulness (as Tamy was no stranger to it) and kept it to themselves but it was Norman who knew more of the intimate details of not only his parents' but also Tamy's infidelity and Tamy couldn't care less because she knew about Norman being gay and told Oliver, the youngest son, who was out to ruin his life.

Oliver McGrath was the youngest in the family. He was 13 years old physically but was 7years mentally. He didn't have a life, so he was set on ruining Tamy's and Norman's. He was petted and pampered which enraged them. They hated him and he hated them. Angela Kasper was Norman's girlfriend that no one knew about because his parents hated the concept of dating and love. Norman hated Angela and just pretended to love her as if she were his life. She was just an instrument on which he would take out all his frustrations as he was the only one who knew all that was happening in the house and all the inevitable things to come. In this house, no one knew the others' fault and no one knew that the family was walking the plank. Will they fall apart soon or they will they continue to be... OBLIVIOUS?

What the press would say:

After I saw this movie, I made sure that my family loved me. This movie revolves around the dysfunctional McGrath family that was about to fall apart but no one knew it. Bill Condon directs this dark comedy we've been waiting for all year long and it doesn't fail to rise to the expectations. In fact, it rises way above the expectations!

The best dysfunctional family film since American Beauty and When It All Falls Apart!!!

A masterpiece and a sure Oscar contender!

This movie will be remembered for years on end for its amazing screenplay and direction by Bill Condon and the almost perfect performances by the almost perfect cast!!!!

Possible Nominations

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Song - 'Solitude' by Annie Lennox and Alan Silvestri
Best Actor - Liam Neeson
Best Actress - Juliette Binoche
Best Actor - Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actress - Emmy Rossum
Best Supporting Actress - Anne Hathaway
Best Set Direction
Best Film Editing and Sound Editing

Please Stop Lauging at Me

Author: Matt
Location: Illinois

"Please Stop Laughing at Me"

Directed By: Mike Nichols
Adapted Screenplay By: Sophia Coppola
Produced By: Jodee Blanco (Author of Novel) and Robert Zemeckis

Principal Cast:

Emmy Rossum as Teenage Jodee Blanco
Sandra Bullock as Adult Jodee Blanco
Abigail Breslin as Young Jodee Blanco
Sean Penn as Mr. Blanco
Annette Benning as Mrs. Blanco
Kevin Spacey as Dr. Graff
Various Students Played By:
Benjamin Mackenzie
Mischa Barton
Lindsay Lohan
Dakota Fanning
Spencer Breslin

Tagline: "The struggle to fit in, can cause some to struggle with their sanity"

Synopsis: Adapted from the tragic, yet moving novel, Please Stop Laughing At Me chronicles the life of Jodee Blanco. Jodee is a girl who always marched to the beat of her own drum. She befriended so-called "losers" and spent a lot of time with her family. However, as Jodee grew older, her behavior became less and less acceptable to her peers. The other students, especially in high school, teased Jodee constantly. Things were thrown at her, and her clothes were stolen in the locker room. This torture cause Mr. and Mrs. Blanco to seek psychological help for Jodee. Still, nothing seemed to work or heal the young woman's pain. Jodee looked for an out, eventually questioning the possibility of bringing a weapon to school. The story is told from the adult perspective of Jodee, herself, as she prepares to attend her high school reunion.

What the press would say:

In an age of violence and school-shootings, Please Stop Laughing At Me is a much-needed wake up call. The young cast shines in remarkable performances. Most notably Emmy Rossum and Abigail Breslin, who share the role of Jodee. Sandra Bullock proves, as she did in Crash, that she can handle dramatic material. Sean Penn and Annette Benning play the role of concerned parents perfectly. Mike Nichols' direction is top-notch because he truly cares about the characters. Jodee Blanco produced her life story, and succeeded in making it interesting, frightening, and touching.

Possible Awards:
Best Picture
Best Adapted Screenplay: Sophia Coppola
Best Director: Mike Nichols
Best Make-Up
Best Actress: Emmy Rossum
Best Supporting Actress: Sandra Bullock
Best Supporting Actress: Abigail Breslin
Best Supporting Actor: Sean Penn

Romeo and Juliet

Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL

"Romeo and Juliet"

Directed by Ridley Scott
Produced by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy and Kenneth Branagh
Screenplay by Kenneth Branagh
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Production Designed by Arthur Max and Crispin Sallis
Costume Designed by Colleen Atwood
Cinematography by John Mathieson
Music by Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Tobey Maguire (Romeo)
Emmy Rossum (Juliet)
Morgan Freeman (Friar Laurence)
Heath Ledger (Mercutio)
Kathy Bates (Nurse)
Ryan Philippe (Tybalt)
Sean Connery (Capulet)
Judi Dench (Lady Capulet)
Timothy Dalton (Montague)
Helena Bonham Carter (Lady Montague)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Paris)
Cillian Murphy (Benvolio)
Dominic Monaghan (Balthasar)
Kenneth Branagh (Prince Escalus)
Billy Bob Thornton (Apothecary)
Billy Crystal (Musician #1)
Robin Williams (Musician #2)
Bill Cosby (Musician #3)

Tagline: "Lust introduced them. Love brought them closer. Hate would never tear them apart."

Synopsis: Three-time Oscar nominated director Sir Ridley Scott takes on Shakespeare’s greatest work about the infamous star crossed lovers in an extravagant film version adapted by Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh and featuring an all star cast.

What the press would say:

Ridley Scott, who has already proven to be a master at the epic, provides another enthralling and intense feature. Once again, he capitalizes on a great set and costume design that goes hand in hand with breathtaking cinematography. Max, Sallis and Mathieson were all nominated before for Scott’s Best Picture winner Gladiator and they come through once again here. Atwood, who’s fresh off her second Oscar, dazzles with another period piece design. Branagh has already provided brilliant Shakespeare adaptations and this one is no different. Zimmer also has a fantastic, dramatic score and the ensemble is also a great one as well with stellar performances. The campaign consideration:

Best Picture
Best Director: Ridley Scott
Best Actor: Tobey Maguire
Best Actress: Emmy Rossum
Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger
Best Supporting Actor: Sean Connery
Best Supporting Actor: Ryan Philippe
Best Supporting Actress: Judi Dench
Best Supporting Actress: Kathy Bates
Best Adapted Screenplay: Kenneth Branagh
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design
Best Cinematography
Best Original Score
Best Makeup


Author: George
Location: Atlanta


Directed by: Mike Nichols
Written by: Paul Haggis

Principal Cast:

David Strathairn as Rupert
Cillian Murphy as Brandon
Patrick Wilson as Phillip
Jennifer Connelly as Janet
Frank Langella as Mr. Atwater
Judi Dench as Mrs. Atwater
Robert Downey Jr. as Kenneth

Tagline: "N/A"

Synopsis: Dr. Rupert (Strathairn) gets invited to a party by one of his students named Brandon (Murphy). He goes to the party and finds that another one of his students named Phillip (Wilson) is already there. Then Janet (Connelly) comes to the party looking if her boyfriend David is there yet. He is not and David's brother Kenneth (Downey Jr.) also comes, then David's parents Mr. and Mrs. Atwater (Langella and Dench) come. While still waiting for David they start trying to enjoy themselves at the party. When Brandon starts discussing Rupert's theory on superior and inferior human beings controversy starts and Rupert is getting suspicious of Brandon. Rupert starts to find more clues that lead to one shocking truth. David's body is in the chest they ate on with rope marks around his neck.

What the press would say:

A great film with another prosective on Hitchkock's calssic thriller. A great screenplay about two men who takes Rupert's theory seriously and put it to the test. A grim interpretation on Hitchkock's film.

Nominated for:
Best Picture
Best Actor (Strathairn)
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Sound


Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed by: George Clooney
Written by: George Clooney and Eric Roth
Music by: Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

George Clooney as Erno Rubik
Paul Bettany as Larry Nichols
Freddie Highmore as Patrick Bossert
Laura Linney as Jessica Fridrich
Christian Bale as Lars Petrus

Tagline: "One Man, One Cube, Millions of Possibilities"

Synopsis: The story of the man behind one of the most popular and perplexing toys of the past century, The Rubik's cube. The movie follows Erno Rubik's (Clooney) ideas and development as well as his many failures along the way. The movie also follows the story of several masters of the Rubik's cube and other who tried to perfect it.

What the press would say:

A genius in his own right, George Clooney gives a masterful performance as Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik's cube. Clooney also directed and co-wrote the film which also stars Paul Bettany, Freddie Highmore, Laura Linney and Christian Bale. Brilliantly directed and acted this movie should have no problem receiving several oscar nods.

Best Picture
Best Director- George Clooney
Best Actor- George Clooney
Best S. Actor- Paul Bettany
Best O. Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Score

The Ballad of Eric and Julia

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"The Ballad of Eric and Julia"

Directed by Woody Allen
Written by Woody Allen
Produced by Eric Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland
Music by Mark Knopfler

Principal Cast:

Rachel McAdams - Julia Roberts
Adrien Brody - Eric Roberts
Corey Haim - Danny Moder
Brittany Murphy - Vera Steimberg Moder
Rebecca DeMorney - Kelly Cunningham
Joshua Jackson - Jason Patric
Tracy Morgan - Oprah Winfrey
Emma Cunningham Roberts - Herself
Lyle Lovitt - Himself
Kiefer Sutherland - Himself
Benjamin Bratt - Himself
Mickey Rourke - Himself

Tagline: "Sibling rivalry never looked so glamorous"

Synopsis: Eric Roberts, acclaimed character actor helps open the door to his younger sister Julia. But when marital troubles hit Eric's family, Julia sides against her brother in the divorce hearings, completely estranged, Julia sets out on stardom while Eric hits lifetime lows with drugs, depression and bad movies. The only friend there for him is his old co-star Mickey Rourke to help him pick up the pieces. Eric re-establishes himself as King of the B movies. Julia, now best friend to Oprah Winfrey, lives the life of the perfect pregnant actress. Her child is born and demands the courts to not allow her daughter's uncle to visit or speak her name in public. Eric, completely devastated that his family is being completely shut out from him, begins to write his memoirs. He interviews his ex brother in-laws (Sutherland, Bratt, and Lovitt), he finds he's not the only person she's hurt. Julia, retired from acting in films, tries her hand at Broadway. Endless amounts of bad reviews and a tell all book from her brother, forces Julia to re-evaluate her priorities.

What the press would say:

Only the most acclaimed Director/Writer could take on the exploits of one of Hollywood's most darling starlets. The man, Woody Allen. The starlet, Julia Roberts. Not everyone is perfect and that's the point Woody Allen tries to demonstrate here, taking Julia down to reality. Behind the Oscar, and "perfect" marriage to Danny Moder lies the controlling and egotistical life and past that will soon come back to haunt her when she hits her low appearing on Broadway. Adrien Brody and Rachel McAdams hit their pitch perfect marks in the intense moments of sibling rivalry. The Ballad of Eric and Julia offer up many memorable scenes. None more memorable than Kiefer Sutherland punching out ex-best friend Jason Patric (Joshua Jackson) for stealing his fiancee, Julia. Corey Haim shines the most in this epic as Danny Moder. Rachel McAdams' sireness Julia lures Danny away from his wife. Never has romance been so blissful. The Ballad of Eric and Julia will be remembered for a long time to come.

Best Picture
Best Director - Woody Allen
Best Actor - Adrien Brody
Best Actress - Rachel McAdams
Best Supporting Actor - Corey Haim
Best Supporting Actor - Tracy Morgan
Best Supporting Actress - Rebecca DeMorney
Best Original Screenplay - Woody Allen
Best Score - Mark Knopfler
Best Original Song - "The Ballad of Eric & Julia" by Paul McCartney
Best Editing - John Wright
Best Cinematography - Douglas Slocombe
Best Costume Design

The Church

Author: George
Location: Atlanta

"The Church"

Directed by: Terrence Malick
Written by: Terrence Malick

Principal Cast:

Henry Ian Cusick as John Forbes
Rosario Dawson as Jewel
Jonathan Pryce as The Pastor
Bruce Willis as Don
John Terry as Tyler
Kate Winslet as Rachel

Tagline: "Not Every Life Is As Bad As It Seems"

Synopsis: John Forbes (Cusick) has a pretty terrible life. He has a bad apartment, two months of rent he hasn't paid, his mother just died, and he got fired the day before yesterday. Also he constantly gets mugged buy a couple of bad people and they sometimes take his money. Forbes is thinking about suicide so he goes to his church. The pastor (Pryce) tells him to go to the altar and share his story with the four other people sitting there. Forbes is skeptical but goes anyway. He meets a girl named Jewel (Dawson) and shares his story with her. Then she tells him her story about being a prostitute and that she is pregnant after being raped by some man. Then Don (Willis) tells about his addiction to herione and he has to live on the street because all the money he gets he buys herione with. After that, Rachel (Winslet) tells about her baby that got stolen from her a week ago by a convicted child rapist. Her baby's body was found dead in a river three days after it went missing. Then there was silence for a while and Forbes asks Tyler his story. Tyler says that he is an alcoholic and constantly gets drunk and also that he was raped by two men the day before yesterday. They are all contemplating suicide and Jewel cries and Forbes goes to comfort her. Forbes leaves thinking that his life isn't that bad after all and he leaves the church with the pastor smiling behind him.

What the press would say:

A great and heart wrenching achievement!

Supp. Actor (Terry)

The Dale Cooper Tapes

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"The Dale Cooper Tapes"

Directed by David Lynch
Written by David Lynch & Scott Frost
Produced by Mark Frost
Music by Angelo Badalamenti

Principal Cast:

Kyle MacLachlan - Special Agent Dale Cooper
Scott Mechlowicz - Dale Cooper (teenager)
Diane Ladd - Cooper's Mom
Steve Martin - Cooper's Dad
Evan Rachel Wood - Marie Schlurman (boyhood crush)
William H. Macy - Special Agent Windom Earle
Naomi Watts - Caroline Earle
David Lynch - FBI Director Gordan Cole
Robert Blake - BOB
Amy Sedaris - Diane (Cooper's Secretary)
Natalie Portman - Theresa Banks
Uncredited Cameo:
Sheryl Lee - Laura Palmer
Michael J. Anderson - Man From Another Place

Tagline: "Diane, these are my tapes, this is my life, so if anything should happen..."

Synopsis: Before FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper entered the world of Twin Peaks, he was an up and coming star FBI agent. Recording his memoirs as he did in Twin Peaks with flashbacks of his childhood as an amateur sleuth to his first encounter with future mentor and nemesis Windom Earle. Dale catches glimpses of the horrors that await him. As Earle is succumbed by the malevolent demon BOB and goes missing, Dale falls in love with his wife. Windom Earle is on a rampage of insanity and death. Only great terror lies ahead for Dale Cooper, along with a cup of damn fine coffee.

What the press would say:

David Lynch always said that the Twin Peaks franchise was over, but that was until he read Scott Frost's take on Dale Cooper's early years. He couldn't stay away and with good reason. Scott Frost, author and brother of famed TV Producer/Writer Mark Frost (co-creator Twin Peaks), teams up with Lynch for the prequel that should have been. A few re-casts from the television show are noticable, Robert Blake the obvious one as demon BOB (previously portrayed by Frank Silva who died of AIDS in 1995). It's a very controversial move to cast Blake but then again it's almost too perfect. Lynch won't compromise and will cast who he feels could capture such fright. Well done there. Kyle MacLachlan reprises his role of the fame FBI detective to everyone's glee. William H. Macy is the real noticable stand-out. Often the scene stealer, we see his Windom Earle as the darkest and most unpredictable soul you will encounter. What is masterful about Lynch is his ability to drive the wackyness of this world alongside a pure joyous romance which is what captured his tv audiance. He brings us something less puzzling than Mulholland Drive and more heartfelt than the Elephant Man. Lynch's true masterpiece has arrived. Now he can say goodbye to the world of cherry pie and dead women wrapped in plastic. At least for now.

Best Picture
Best Director - David Lynch
Best Actor - Kyle MacLachlan
Best Supporting Actor - William H. Macy
Best Supporting Actress - Naomi Watts
Best Supporting Actress - Amy Sedaris
Best Adapted Screenplay - David Lynch and Scott Frost
Best Cinematography - Peter Deming
Best Editing - Mary Sweeney
Best Score - Angelo Badalamenti
Best Song - "Sweet Black and Blue" by Julee Cruise, music by David Lynch
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing

The Price of Freedom

Author: Marcus D.
Location: Cleveland, OH

"The Price of Freedom"

Directed by Michael Mann
Written by Michael Colleary & Mike Werb
Score by Alexandre Desplat

Principal Cast:

Peter Greene-Jonathan Cassel
Carrie Anne Moss-Nicole Winters
Michael Keaton-Jack Crisata
Scott Terra-Young John
Vincent Cassel-Walter Jones
Hannah Pikes-Michelle Jones
Gabriel Byrne-Kenneth Landry
Toni Collette-Anna

Tagline: "How much does happiness cost?"

Synopsis: An assassin’s (Peter Greene) bland life is complicated by love, betrayal, and humane duty. His situation forces him to almost into insanity until he has to perform the task that will set him free.

What the press would say:

One of the best films I have seen in recent years. This isn’t your average movie about assassins. It takes it to a deep level using flashbacks, a haunting score by Alexandre Desplat (Hostage, Syriana), and Michael Mann’s aggressive direction. Peter Greene gives an amazing performance as this confused assassin. He starts as a confident man but slowly begins questioning his sanity and humanity. Scott Terra also gives a great performance as the younger John. His innocence gives a sense that Jon was not born violent. Gabriel Byrne gives a good performance as John’s abusive foster father. Carrie Anne Moss gives a sleek performance as love interest Nicole, who shares John’s wittiness and charm. Michael Keaton returns from doing bad horror films and kid movies and gives a great performance as the mob-boss Jack Crisata. Vincent Cassel gives a sickeningly brilliant performance as a child molester and Hannah Pikes stars as his victim. The Price Of Freedom is a brilliant film and should be a serious contender come Award season.

Best Picture
Best Director-Michael Mann
Best Original Screenplay-Michael Colleary & Mike Werb
Best Actor-Peter Greene
Best Supporting Actor-Gabriel Byrne
Best Supporting Actor-Michael Keaton
Best Supporting Actress-Carrie Anne Moss
Best Supporting Actress-Hannah Pikes
Best Cinematography
Best Makeup
Best Editing
Best Score-Alexandre Desplat

There and Back Again

Author: Harry
Location: Unknown

"There and Back Again"

directed by Peter Jackson
produced by Fran Walsh, Barrie M. Osborne and Peter Jackson
screenplay by Fran Walsh, Phillippa Boyens and Peter Jackson
music by Howard Shore
production design by Grant Major
cinematography by Andrew Lesnie
costume design by Ngila Dickson and Richard Taylor
editing by Jamie Selkirk
visual effects supervisor Jim Rygiel

Principal Cast:

Sean Bean as Bilbo Baggins
Ian Mckellen as Gandalf the Grey
Geoffrey Rush as Thorin

Tagline: "The most unusual creature imaginable will save the day December 2007"

Synopsis: Based on J.R. R. Tolkiens famous book "The Hobbit", There and back again tells the story about Bilbo Baggins, a famous hobbit from the Shire. When the wizard Gandalf arrives to Bilbo's house with a bunch of dwarves, the adventure starts. Bilbo must fight with spiders, wolves and orcs and take care of his dwarf companions with the help of a magical ring that he won to the creature gollum.

What the press would say:

Extraordinary, a Classic!! Peter Jackson and his crew has done it again! The visual effects are as good as THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy effects and better that KING KONG effects. The acting of the three main characters is brilliant and the sets are amazing!!! Great Film!!! Already won various critics awards and the oscar are thinking about the nominations:

BEST SONG "Small does Big" by Enya

We All Fall Down

Author: Matt
Location: Illinois

"We All Fall Down"

Directed By: Mike Nichols
Adapted Screenplay By: Sophia Coppola (Based on the Novel By: Robert Cormier)
Produced By: Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg
Edited By: Clint Eastwood
Score By: Clint Eastwood

Principal Cast:

Emmy Rossum as Karen Jerome
Amy Adams as Jane Jerome
Haley Joel Osment as Buddy Walker
Scott Mechlowicz as Harry Flowers
Morgan Freeman as Michael Rooney (Michael Looney)
Joshua Peck as Amos Dalton
Dakota Fanning as Addy Walker
Cate Blanchett as Mrs. Walker
Tom Hanks as Mr. Jerome
Demi Moore as Mrs. Jerome

Tagline: "In Life, We All Fall Down Once in a While"

Synopsis: Based on the mysterious and intriguing novel by Robert Cormier, We All Fall Down is a perfect mixture of thrilling and dramatic material. One night, a group of vandals break into a house in Cape Cod. The group is led by Harry Flowers (Mechlowicz). The boys break windows, piss on the walls, vomit on the carpet, and all together destroy the house, which is owned by the Jerome family. Karen Jerome (Rossum) enters the house as it is being vandalized. All but one of the vandals attack her, rape her, and push her down the stairs. The one vandal who wasn't involved in this abuse was Buddy Walker (Osment). Still, Karen was severely injured and was put into a coma. As the vandals fled, a shaded character, who witnessed the offense, vows to take revenge on the gang of vandals. The film unfolds, and Buddy meets and falls in love with Jane Jerome (Adams). However, Jane does not know that he is one of the vandals that trashed her house. Buddy is welcomed by the Jerome's, but has to hold in a guilty conscious. Meanwhile, Harry Flowers' life spins out of control as he drinks to forget about what he and his gang did. Eventually, the Avenger is revealed, but only after some of the vandals are killed, injured, and emotionally drained. Before the reveal, the audience must try to uncover the identity of the Avenger. Is it the handyman, Michael Rooney (Freeman)? Or maybe its a neighborhood boy, Amos Dalton (Peck)?

What the press would say:

The mostly young cast steps up to the plate and become their characters. Amy Adams shines in this dramatic role, and she is even better here than in the Junebug. Emmy Rossum, who has a relatively small role, shows real fear and terror in her short amount of screen time. Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Cate Blanchett are great as always. Scott Mechlowicz and Haley Howl Osment prove that they can truly act and are deserving of awards. Joshua Peck, who was brilliant in Mean Creek, can finally be acknowledged by an audience. He gives the breakthrough performance of the year. The screenplay is perfect, and flows well. Sophia Coppola makes the characters real, while Mike Nichols creates suspense, never before experienced in cinema. Robert Cormier would be proud!

Possible Awards:

Best Picture
Best Adapted Screenplay: Sophia Coppola
Best Director: Mike Nichols
Best Actor: Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Supporting Actor: Joshua Peck
Best Supporting Actor: Scott Mechlowicz
Best Actress: Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actress: Emmy Rossum
Best Editing: Clint Eastwood
Best Score: Clint Eastwood

Welcome to My Hometown

Author: Carlos DeLaTorre
Location: Houston, TX

"Welcome to my Hometown"

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Written by Charlie Kaufman, Alan Ball and Sofia Coppola
Produced by Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese
Score by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Elijah Wood - Fred, the aspiring film-maker
Natalie Portman - Maxine, Fred's best friend
Michelle Williams - Sally, Fred's girlfriend
Tom Cruise - Stanley, Fred's father
Nicole Kidman - Martha, Fred's mother
Matt Damon - Mr. Johnson, Fred's film teacher
Christina Applegate - Megan, Fred's sister
Alec Baldwin - Sam, Barbara's husband
Julia Roberts - Barbara, the cheating wife
Clive Owen - Daniel, Barbara's lover
Taye Diggs - Craig, convenient store stealer
Matthew McConaughey - Will, convenient store owner
Naomi Watts - Glenda, obsessive stealer
Robert DeNiro - Officer Mathew
Matt Dillon - Tom, Glenda's husband
Haley Joel Osment - George, Fred's younger brother
Gwyneth Paltrow - Josephine, Mr. Johnson's girlfriend
and Morgan Freeman - the narrator

Tagline: "What happens on the other side of the fence should stay on the other side of the fence"

Synopsis: We are given a glimpse of what life is like in Small Town USA. We follow the journey of Fred as he witnesses the many things that go on in his town, such as lies, adultery, stealing, killing and so much more. With the assistance of many around him, Fred is given the gift of discovering the very secrets this town was founded on, and sees the lives at stake with the zoom of his camera. We see his subjects in two angles, the angle of which we can obviously can see, and the angle of which hides behind closed doors. As he sees his masterpiece come closer and closer to completion, he realizes that what he is about to do, by releasing it, will destroy the entire town and cause a major uproar. Fred, with a change of heart, finds peace in his life and sees that this film was made for all the wrong reasons, therefore destroying the copies and finally getting rid of the proof. We once more enter the private lives of these fellow citizens, as we see their life struggling, but coming closer to total nirvana.

What the press would say:

Elijah Wood gives a defining performance that is far beyond Lord of the Rings. The cast is dream and the movie itself is to die for. Five out of Five Stars.

best picture
best actor- elijah wood
best supporting actress- natalie portman
best director
best original screenplay
best original score
best original song
best film editing