Saturday, June 21, 2008

Intimate Portraits

Author: Brett
Location: Wisconsin

"Intimate Portraits"

Directed by Todd Field
Written by Dan Futterman
Music by Cameron Crowe
Distributed by Focus Features

Principal Cast:

Frances McDormand as Annie Leibovitz
Val Kilmer as Jann S. Wenner
Sally Field as Susan Sontag
Jude Law as John Lennon
Sandra Oh as Yoko Ono
Terry Chen as Ben Fong Torres
The Rolling Stones (archive footage)

Tagline: "They say a picture says a thousand words. Annie's pictures screamed them"

Synopsis: Intimate Portraits follows the life of famed Pop Culture photographer Annie Leibovitz, focusing on her early career living on an Israeli Kibbutz and her years as chief photographer of Rolling Stone Magazine. The main focus of the story, however, is of the fateful day in 1980 when Annie shot the last existing photograph of John Lennon, pictured with his then wife Yoko Ono, as well as their longtime friendship leading up to that point.

What the press would say:

A superb director, screenwriter, and leading cast highlight this inspiring and heartbreaking biopic of world renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz and the many artists she captured in her alluring photographs. Frances McDormand is superb as the genius revolutionary who defined popular culture in the 20th century. A never-better Val Kilmer plays her Rolling Stone Editor Jann Wenner, and a fantastic Sally Field plays her longtime companion Susan Sontag. A surprising casting choice also places Jude Law and Sandra Oh at the forefront of the saddening story in the heartbreaking subplot of Lennon's last days on earth. This beautifully written and shot feature film was crafted by the acclaimed director Todd Field, and Academy Award nominee Dan Futterman, and Leibovitz herself served as a supervising producer, providing exclusive and never before seen prints from her days at Rolling Stone, including archive footage of her tour with the international rock group The Rolling Stones.

The studio is pulling for a strong Oscar campaign in the following categories:

Best Picture
Best Director, Todd Field
Best Original Screenplay, Dan Futterman
Best Actress, Frances McDormand
Best Supporting Actor, Val Kilmer
Best Supporting Actor, Jude Law
Best Supporting Actress, Sandra Oh
As well as various technical awards.

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