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The Great Fitzgerald

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"The Great Fitzgerald"

Directed by Anthony Minghella
Written by Bill Condon
Cinematography by Jon Seale
Film Editing by Walter Murch
Art Direction by Dante Ferretti
Costumes designed by Anne Roth
Music by Gabriel Yared

Principal Cast:

F. Scott Fitzgerald- Jude Law
Zelda Fitzgerald- Charlize Theron
Edmund Wilson- Matt Damon
John Peale Bishop- Leonardo Dicaprio
Ernest Hemmingway- Jim Broadbent
Gertrude Stein- Kathy Bates
James Joyce- Sean Penn
Sylvia Beach- Rachel Weisz
T.S. Elliot- Ralph Feinnes
D.H. Lawrence- Clive Owen
Ezra Pound- Peter Sarsgaard
Alice B. Toklas- Maggie Gyllenhaal

Tagline: "He beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

Synopsis: An in depth look at the fascinatingly complex life of American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald (Law). Starting with his time in college and his friendship with Edmund Wilson (Damon) and John Seale Bishop (Dicaprio) and then diving into his professional and personal career. The most important part ofFitzgerald’s life that is probed in the film is his rocky relationship with his wife Zelda (Theron), as their love was constantly threatened by Fitzgerald’sintense egotism and Zelda’s clinical depression. Another important aspect of Fitzgerald’s life was the fact that he was bipolar, which had an immense impact on his relationships and career. Much of the film takes place on the French Riviera, where Fitzgerald spent time with a group of brilliant writers, and where he developed a close friendship with Ernest Hemmingway (Broadbent). Fitzgerald’s life was sometimes inspiring, sometimes shocking, but always fascinating.

What the press would say:

With a dearth of biopics lately, it is difficult for any one film to stand out, but The Great Fitzgerald does just that. It’s impossible not to be completely engrossed in this film from start to finish, and it will leave a lasting impression on you. Much of the credit has to go to Bill Condon, who continually proves his talent as a writer, and his work on The Great Fitzgerald is his best screenplay since his Oscar winning work on Gods and Monsters. The dialogue is crisp and keeps the story moving, and every detail of the complex relationship between Fitzgerald and Zelda is made crystal clear. Of course, without Anthony Minghella’s superb direction, much of the emotion in the film would have been lost. Minghella’s work is reminiscent of what he did on The Talented Mr. Ripley,and with this film he has proven himself to be one of the best directors working today. And then there is the sublime Jude Law. Few thought that Law could give a performance this intense, but he blows past anything he did in his previous Oscar nominated roles in The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain. There were whispers before the films release that an American should have been cast as Fitzgerald, but Minghella’s faith in Law was rewarded by a brilliant performance. Nobody ever questioned the casting of Charlize Theron as Zelda, and they were right not to, as she gives her best performance since Monster, portraying every aspect of the complicated character that is Zelda Fitzgerald. The Great Fitzgerald is perfectly executed on every front, and the result is the best biopic in years.

For Your Consideration:
Best Picture
Best Director- Anthony Minghella
Best Actor- Jude Law
Best Actress- Charlize Theron
Best Supporting Actor- Jim Broadbent
Best Supporting Actress- Kathy Bates
Best Supporting Actress- Rachel Weisz
Best Original Screenplay- Bill Condon
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costumes
Best Film Editing
Best Score

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