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Author: Deepak
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Directed by Bill Condon
Produced by Bob Yari
Screenplay by Bill Condon
Music by Alan Silvestri

Principal Cast:

Liam Neeson as Mr. Jack McGrath
Juliette Binoche as Mrs. Roma McGrath
Emmy Rossum as Tamy McGrath
Haley Joel Osment as Norman McGrath
Freddie Highmore as Oliver McGrath
Anne Hathaway as Angela Kasper
Ralph Fiennes as Jony Talyin
Liam Aiken as Mustafa Akam

Tagline: "The best way to be when your family is falling apart is Oblivious!"

Synopsis: The McGraths were the ideal family of the Lloyds' Lane, so it was said. But what happened inside the McGrath household stayed inside. Mr. Jack McGrath was the breadwinner and a good father, so he believed. According to his children, he was overbearing, over-obsessive and also a 'pain in the rear.' He was married to Mrs. Roma McGrath in an arranged marriage when they were too young, so obviously, they didn't know the meaning of love. Roma was a housewife and a very strong Christian, who had begun her own church. According to her children, she was too nosey, she was a liar and was too sensitive. She loved the children of her church members than she did her own. Being married for 16 years, surprisingly, it wasn't what we would call a healthy relationship that Jack and Roma shared. Jack was abusive to his wife and kids and he was a drunk and slept with almost every woman in his office and Roma was having a long-lasting affair with the father of her youngest child's best friend, Jony Talyin. But they had no idea of each others' infidelity.

Tamy McGrath was the oldest of three children in the McGrath house. She was a 'blood sucking, crazy evil fiend,' according to the oldest of the two sons, Norman. Tamy was a pessimist, she was untrustworthy and too, too sensitive. She was a junkie and simultaneously was called the 'second mother of the family' as she would keep lecturing her brothers about good virtues. Norman McGrath was the oldest of the sons and a typical middle child. he couldn't decide if he was gay or bisexual but decided to stay in the closet till he died. He was an atheist and was always depressed and so he started smoking, drinking and he hated his parents and decided to kill them. He had a namesake friend, Mustafa, who always mocked him and apologized by saying that it was for a joke. Only Tamy and Norman knew about their parents' unfaithfulness (as Tamy was no stranger to it) and kept it to themselves but it was Norman who knew more of the intimate details of not only his parents' but also Tamy's infidelity and Tamy couldn't care less because she knew about Norman being gay and told Oliver, the youngest son, who was out to ruin his life.

Oliver McGrath was the youngest in the family. He was 13 years old physically but was 7years mentally. He didn't have a life, so he was set on ruining Tamy's and Norman's. He was petted and pampered which enraged them. They hated him and he hated them. Angela Kasper was Norman's girlfriend that no one knew about because his parents hated the concept of dating and love. Norman hated Angela and just pretended to love her as if she were his life. She was just an instrument on which he would take out all his frustrations as he was the only one who knew all that was happening in the house and all the inevitable things to come. In this house, no one knew the others' fault and no one knew that the family was walking the plank. Will they fall apart soon or they will they continue to be... OBLIVIOUS?

What the press would say:

After I saw this movie, I made sure that my family loved me. This movie revolves around the dysfunctional McGrath family that was about to fall apart but no one knew it. Bill Condon directs this dark comedy we've been waiting for all year long and it doesn't fail to rise to the expectations. In fact, it rises way above the expectations!

The best dysfunctional family film since American Beauty and When It All Falls Apart!!!

A masterpiece and a sure Oscar contender!

This movie will be remembered for years on end for its amazing screenplay and direction by Bill Condon and the almost perfect performances by the almost perfect cast!!!!

Possible Nominations

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Song - 'Solitude' by Annie Lennox and Alan Silvestri
Best Actor - Liam Neeson
Best Actress - Juliette Binoche
Best Actor - Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actress - Emmy Rossum
Best Supporting Actress - Anne Hathaway
Best Set Direction
Best Film Editing and Sound Editing

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