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Capricorn One

Author: Alex
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"Capricorn One"

Directed by Clint Eastwood
Written by Tony Kushner & Eric Roth
Music by Alexandre Desplat

Principal Cast:

Matt Dillon (Robert Caulfield)
Liev Schreiber (Col. Charles Brubaker)
Rob Lowe (Lt. Col. Peter Willis)
Denzel Washington (Cmdr. John Walker)
Alan Alda (Dr. James Kelloway)
Jennifer Connelly (Kay Brubaker)

Tagline: "Would you be shocked to find out that the greatest moment of our recent history may not have happened at all?"

Synopsis: Liev Schreiber, Rob Lowe, and Denzel Washington play astronauts agreeing to spare the government embarrassment by faking their Mars landing after their spacecraft is unsafe for a manned takeoff. When the mission controller Alan Alda plots to kill them in a staged capsule fire, they try to expose the truth. Matt Dillon stars as a journalist determined to crack the conspiracy and Jennifer Connelly plays Schreiber’s wife coming to Dillon's aid.

What the press would say:

The manned mission to Mars is on the pad, but a suited NASA bigwig whisks the three astronauts (Liev Schreiber, Rob Lowe, and Denzel Washington) from the capsule right before the empty ship takes off. NASA head honcho James Kelloway (Alan Alda) tells the boys what's happened in a great monologue; the life support system was flawed, the crew would have died, $30 million down the tubes and that's it for NASA -- so they're going to fake the mission. The boys are whisked to a soundstage, where the video for the voyage will all be faked; the empty craft is sending fake signals to Houston and when the capsule splashes down, the boys will be whisked to it by helicopter...and they'll be heroes. They don't want to play along, but Kelloway explains that that would have dire repercussions for their families ffor Schreiber, that means Jennifer Connelly). They take part in the charade -- but the capsule burns up on re-entry, which would make the three astronauts dead men, which means that instead of posing as heroes, the three have to serve as martyrs. Whoops!

Best Picture
Best Director: Eastwood
Best Actor: Dillon
Best Supporting Actor: Schreiber
Best Supporting Actor: Lowe
Best Supporting Actor: Washington
Best Supporting Actor: Alda
Best Supporting Actress: Connelly
Best Adapted Screenplay: Kushner & Roth
Best Score: Desplat

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