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Metal Gear Solid

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"Metal Gear Solid"

Distributed By: Universal Studios
Produced By: Jerry Bruckheimer, Barry Mendel, and Hideo Kojima
Directed By: Hideo Kojima
Written By: Stephen Gaghan and Hideo Kojima

Principal Cast:

Hugh Jackman as Solid Snake
Jessica Alba as Meryl Silverberg
Edward Norton as Hal “Otacon” Emmerich
Paul Bettany as Liquid Snake
Gary Oldman as Revolver Ocelot
Steve Buscemi as Psycho Mantis
Milla Jovovich as Sniper Wolf
Vin Diesel as Vulcan Raven
Jet Li as Ninja (Voice by Rob Paulsen)
Nicole Kidman as Naomi Hunter
Chris Cooper as Roy Campbell
Ziyi Zhang as Mei Ling
Izabelle Scorupco as Natasha Romanenko
Danny Glover as Donald Anderson
Gene Hackman as Kenneth Baker
Clint Eastwood as Jim Houseman
Willem Dafoe as Decoy Octopus

Tagline: "When politics fail, soldiers are called. When soldiers fail, the world turns to a snake"

Release Date: August 16, 2007

Synopsis: Shadow Moses Island. What used to be a small government island in the Alaskan Fox-Archipelago is now the site of an international threat. During a test for top arms manufacturer ARMSTECH, Next-Gen Special Forces led by members of a unit called FOX-HOUND invaded the island and seized its nuclear stockpile. With all of their forces gathered, their leader makes his demands: one billion dollars and the remnant of Big Boss’s DNA within 24 hours or they will launch a nuclear weapon. Under the pressure of the situation, Secretary of Defense Jim Houseman calls upon former FOX-HOUND commander Roy Campbell to bring Solid Snake, the man who stopped the incident in Outer Haven, out of retirement. With less than a day to stop the terrorist and forced to obtain all equipment on site, Solid Snake must use his wits, skills, and the new allies he makes to prevent a global disaster. But, will he be prepared for the new tricks the terrorists have up their sleeves.

What the press would say:

What could have been a mess similar to many atrocious video game adaptations is surprisingly handled with the most care and skill of a professional film crew. Hideo Kojima, making his film debut, expertly coordinates this new chapter in his pioneering video game franchise. His signature intense combat, complex (and bizzare) character development, and political conspiracy theme are all brought to life with the help of Stephen Gaghan’s screenplay assistance, Janusz Kaminski’s dynamic cinematography and some amazing visual effects. An all-star ensemble cast adds to the depth, with Jackman giving a compelling and multi-layered performance as Solid Snake. The best performances, however, go to Oldman, Bettany, and an amazing scene-stealing Jovovich as several of the diverse villains among FOX-HOUND. With a well thought campaign run by Universal and Oscar caliber production all around, this film is almost destined to sweep the awards.

Best Picture: Jerry Bruckheimer, Barry Mendel, Hideo Kojima*
Best Director: Hideo Kojima*
Best Supporting Actor: Gary Oldman*
Best Supporting Actor: Paul Bettany
Best Supporting Actress: Milla Jovovich*
Best Adapted Screenplay: Stephen Gaghan & Hideo Kojima*
Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski*
Art Direction: Dante Ferretti/ Set Direction: Francesca Lo Schiavo*
Sound: Christopher Boyes, David Parker, and Michael Semanick
Sound Editing: Mike Hopkins and Ethan Van der Ryn*
Editing: Michael Kahn*
Visual Effects: Joe Letteri, Richard Taylor, and Daniel Sudick*
Make-Up: David Leroy Anderson and Lance Anderson
Original Music: John Williams*

*= most likely for an award

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