Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Dale Cooper Tapes

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"The Dale Cooper Tapes"

Directed by David Lynch
Written by David Lynch & Scott Frost
Produced by Mark Frost
Music by Angelo Badalamenti

Principal Cast:

Kyle MacLachlan - Special Agent Dale Cooper
Scott Mechlowicz - Dale Cooper (teenager)
Diane Ladd - Cooper's Mom
Steve Martin - Cooper's Dad
Evan Rachel Wood - Marie Schlurman (boyhood crush)
William H. Macy - Special Agent Windom Earle
Naomi Watts - Caroline Earle
David Lynch - FBI Director Gordan Cole
Robert Blake - BOB
Amy Sedaris - Diane (Cooper's Secretary)
Natalie Portman - Theresa Banks
Uncredited Cameo:
Sheryl Lee - Laura Palmer
Michael J. Anderson - Man From Another Place

Tagline: "Diane, these are my tapes, this is my life, so if anything should happen..."

Synopsis: Before FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper entered the world of Twin Peaks, he was an up and coming star FBI agent. Recording his memoirs as he did in Twin Peaks with flashbacks of his childhood as an amateur sleuth to his first encounter with future mentor and nemesis Windom Earle. Dale catches glimpses of the horrors that await him. As Earle is succumbed by the malevolent demon BOB and goes missing, Dale falls in love with his wife. Windom Earle is on a rampage of insanity and death. Only great terror lies ahead for Dale Cooper, along with a cup of damn fine coffee.

What the press would say:

David Lynch always said that the Twin Peaks franchise was over, but that was until he read Scott Frost's take on Dale Cooper's early years. He couldn't stay away and with good reason. Scott Frost, author and brother of famed TV Producer/Writer Mark Frost (co-creator Twin Peaks), teams up with Lynch for the prequel that should have been. A few re-casts from the television show are noticable, Robert Blake the obvious one as demon BOB (previously portrayed by Frank Silva who died of AIDS in 1995). It's a very controversial move to cast Blake but then again it's almost too perfect. Lynch won't compromise and will cast who he feels could capture such fright. Well done there. Kyle MacLachlan reprises his role of the fame FBI detective to everyone's glee. William H. Macy is the real noticable stand-out. Often the scene stealer, we see his Windom Earle as the darkest and most unpredictable soul you will encounter. What is masterful about Lynch is his ability to drive the wackyness of this world alongside a pure joyous romance which is what captured his tv audiance. He brings us something less puzzling than Mulholland Drive and more heartfelt than the Elephant Man. Lynch's true masterpiece has arrived. Now he can say goodbye to the world of cherry pie and dead women wrapped in plastic. At least for now.

Best Picture
Best Director - David Lynch
Best Actor - Kyle MacLachlan
Best Supporting Actor - William H. Macy
Best Supporting Actress - Naomi Watts
Best Supporting Actress - Amy Sedaris
Best Adapted Screenplay - David Lynch and Scott Frost
Best Cinematography - Peter Deming
Best Editing - Mary Sweeney
Best Score - Angelo Badalamenti
Best Song - "Sweet Black and Blue" by Julee Cruise, music by David Lynch
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing

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