Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to My Hometown

Author: Carlos DeLaTorre
Location: Houston, TX

"Welcome to my Hometown"

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Written by Charlie Kaufman, Alan Ball and Sofia Coppola
Produced by Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese
Score by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Elijah Wood - Fred, the aspiring film-maker
Natalie Portman - Maxine, Fred's best friend
Michelle Williams - Sally, Fred's girlfriend
Tom Cruise - Stanley, Fred's father
Nicole Kidman - Martha, Fred's mother
Matt Damon - Mr. Johnson, Fred's film teacher
Christina Applegate - Megan, Fred's sister
Alec Baldwin - Sam, Barbara's husband
Julia Roberts - Barbara, the cheating wife
Clive Owen - Daniel, Barbara's lover
Taye Diggs - Craig, convenient store stealer
Matthew McConaughey - Will, convenient store owner
Naomi Watts - Glenda, obsessive stealer
Robert DeNiro - Officer Mathew
Matt Dillon - Tom, Glenda's husband
Haley Joel Osment - George, Fred's younger brother
Gwyneth Paltrow - Josephine, Mr. Johnson's girlfriend
and Morgan Freeman - the narrator

Tagline: "What happens on the other side of the fence should stay on the other side of the fence"

Synopsis: We are given a glimpse of what life is like in Small Town USA. We follow the journey of Fred as he witnesses the many things that go on in his town, such as lies, adultery, stealing, killing and so much more. With the assistance of many around him, Fred is given the gift of discovering the very secrets this town was founded on, and sees the lives at stake with the zoom of his camera. We see his subjects in two angles, the angle of which we can obviously can see, and the angle of which hides behind closed doors. As he sees his masterpiece come closer and closer to completion, he realizes that what he is about to do, by releasing it, will destroy the entire town and cause a major uproar. Fred, with a change of heart, finds peace in his life and sees that this film was made for all the wrong reasons, therefore destroying the copies and finally getting rid of the proof. We once more enter the private lives of these fellow citizens, as we see their life struggling, but coming closer to total nirvana.

What the press would say:

Elijah Wood gives a defining performance that is far beyond Lord of the Rings. The cast is dream and the movie itself is to die for. Five out of Five Stars.

best picture
best actor- elijah wood
best supporting actress- natalie portman
best director
best original screenplay
best original score
best original song
best film editing

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