Saturday, June 21, 2008

Costa Rica Dreams

Author: Jack
Location: New York

"Costa Rica Dreams"

Directed by Rob Marshall
Written by Jim Sheridan
Music by Tracy Chapman and Dido Armstrong

Principal Cast:

Ryan Phillippe- Mike Howard
Clive Owen- John Howard
Judi Dench- Martine Howar

Tagline: "Live forever work and peace"

Synopsis: Two cousins, one british (Clive Owen) and one american (Ryan Phillippe) hear from their grandmother (Judi Dench) who left the family fifty years ago after the death of their grandfather. Not knowing where she went, they find out she went to the paradise of Costa Rica. They leave and visit her in her jungle bungalow where she has studied the native flora and fauna for decades. The two do not see why she gave up her wealthy, privileged life to live somewhere without the amenities she had. She works to preserve the jungle, speaks the language, and protects the locals. The two gradually realize that no one needs only material things to be happy.

What the press would say:

Stellar performances by the actors in a creative movie. Judi Dench gives an almost Dian Fossey-like performance as a detached woman. Ryan Phillippe and Clive Owen are two material boys who learn not to rely on items.

Best Actor-Clive Owen
Best Actor-Ryan Phillippe
Best Supporting Actress-Judi Dench
Best Original Score-Tracy Chapman and Dido Armstrong
Best Original Screenplay-Jim Sheridan
Best director Marshall

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