Saturday, June 21, 2008


Author: Qasim Asif
Location: England


Directed by Patty Jenkins
Produced by Stephen Daldry
Written by Patty Jenkins

Principal Cast:

Jack Nicholson – The BTK killer / Dennis L. Rader
Jane Fonda – Delores Davis
Judi Dench – Marine Hedge
Ali Larter - Kathryn Bright
Liza Minelli – Nancy Fox
Penelope Cruz – Josephine Otera
Nicholas Cage – Joseph Otera
Anne Hathaway – Julie Otera
Rosie O’Donald – Shirley Vian
Julia Stiles – Vicki Wegerie

Tagline: "Go to this address, You will find a homicide. That’s correct"

Synopsis: A disturbing biopic into the life of Dennis L. Rader formally known as the BTK killer, the film explores the mind of Dennis and the last days of his victims and the forensic search for the most notorious killer in Wichita.

What the press would say:

Oscar Predictions:

Best Picture
Best Director – Patty Jenkins
Best Leading Actor – Jack Nicholson
Best Supporting Actress - Jane Fonda, Judi Dench, Liza Minelli, Julia
Stiles, Ali Larter
Best Supporting Actor – Nicholas Cage
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Best Sound
Best Editing
Best Sound Editing
Best Makeup
Best Music, Original Score

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