Saturday, June 21, 2008


Author: Deepak
Location: Appleton


Directed by Mel Gibson
Produced by Mel Gibson and Don Cheadle
Screenplay by Dan Futterman
Music by Hans Zimmers

Principal Cast:

Djimon Honsou as David Noryalin
Sophie Okonedo as Honi Noryalin
Morgan Freeman as Daniel
Shohreh Agadisho as Hazika
Don Cheadle as Tony Habbi
Halle Berry as Inan

Tagline: "This is the story of his life, his death and his life after death"

Synopsis: David was a just-for-namesake Ugandan Pastor, but inside he was a filthy rag. He died in a car accident, one night. His wife Honi, after hearing this refused to arrange the funeral because she thought that he would rise from the dead, as she was a better Christian. So, she along with her father, Daniel and David's best friend, Tony, took his body to a private place and prayed for 3 days. He rose up again alive on the third day.
As word spread, it irked the one-too-many religious groups in the district especially one group that was dormant for many years, the witchdoctors, who believed that David was their god and their ruler and decided to go him and welcome their so-called god.

Meanwhile David began preaching and became a good Christian. One day, the leader of the witchdoctors, Hazika approached him but he rebuked her but she denied to cease. David being fickle, gave in and decided to be their ruler after she showed him all the riches he would get. He abandoned Honi and married a wicked woman, Inan. But Honi kept her faith and kept going to him in disguise and asked him to come back. Inan came to know about this, she kidnapped Honi, got her raped and killed her with her own hands. Knowing this, David denounced witchcraft and ran back home but he wasn't welcomed there. However, he couldn't go back to the witchdoctors because they conspired against him. Thus, both the sides waged war against each other with the sole purpose of finding and killing David. Will David face his second death, and if he does, in whose hands?

What the press would say:

'The first word that comes to my mind is 'controversial'. This movie has been made with care of every detail.'

'Powerful and a very controversial movie. The performances are awesome. A sure Oscar contender.'

'Who knew Halle Berry could be so wicked and ugly and simultaneously be good at it? She has to be nominated for an Oscar even though her onscreen time is less'

'Absolutely unforgettable performance by Djimon Honsou and Sophie Okonedo in this unforgettable movie.'

Possible nominations:
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor - Djimon Honsou
Best Supporting Actress - Sophie Okonedo
Best Supporting Actor - Don Cheadle
Best Supporting Actress - Halle Berry
Best Original Screenplay
Best Set Direction
Best Costume Design
Best Original Score
Best Film Editing

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