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Directed By: Cameron Crowe
Written By: Cameron Crowe

Principal Cast:

Brandon Routh (Freddie Mercury)
Ralph Fiennes (Brian May)
Dan Futterman (John Deacon)
Heath Ledger (Roger Taylor)
Shaun Toub (Bomi Bulsara)
Shoreh Aghdashloo (Jer Bulsara)
Tim Staffell (Orlando Bloom)
Jonathan Ahdout (Young Freddie)

Tagline: "Is this the real life?"

Synopsis: Based upon the life of Freddie Mercury, this new Cameron Crowe film depicts the early life of the bisexual rock star and follows him to his death in 1991 due to complications with AIDS. Freddie Mercury (Brandon Routh) was born to Persian parents (Shaun Toub and Shoreh Aghdashloo) in Zanzibar and became interested with music at an early age and moved to England 1964 where he joined numerous bands until he found the one that would earn him worldwide popularity. Freddie and his band Queen (Ralph Fiennes, Dan Futterman, and Heath Ledger) take rock to a new level and stun the world with their music. But with all of his successes, Freddie had to deal with drug issues, his sexuality, and hiding his illness from the public until the day before he died.

What the press would say:

"Mercury" is a fantastic musical biopic that details the life of one of the most colorful icons in music history. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) takes on the title role of Freddie Mercury with chilling accuracy, although that could just be the fake overbite doing all of the work and he does not do his own singing. The rest of the cast is fantastic, with special kudos to Ralph Fiennes for portraying one of Freddie's longtime friends and bandmates. Cameron Crowe directs and writes this film to unbelievable success.

Academy Awards:
Best Picture
Best Director-Cameron Crowe
Best Original Screenplay-Cameron Crowe
Best Actor-Brandon Routh
Best Supporting Actor-Ralph Fiennes
Best Supporting Actor-Shaun Toub
Best Supporting Actress-Shoreh Aghdashloo
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Sound
Best Makeup

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