Saturday, June 21, 2008

Diary of a Mad Man

Author: James Somerton
Location: Canada

"The Diary of a Mad Man"

Directed By Rob Zombie
Written by Rob Zombie and James Somerton

Principal Cast:

Johnny Depp as Ozzy Osbourne
Emma Thompson as Sharon Osbourne
Colin Farrel as Terrance "Geezer" Butler
Stuart Townsend as Tony Iommi
Cillian Murphey as Randy Rhoads

Tagline: "From The Depths of the Middle Class Rose The Prince of Darkness"

Synopsis: John Osbourne was born in England in 1948. By 1980, Ozzy Osbourne was ruling the world of heavy metal. John was a simple child who was to become a plumber and had a bad habit of getting in trouble. Ozzy was rock star in every sense of the word but he took it too far. This is the story of the Prince of Darkness; Ozzy Osbourne, from his humble beginnings in Birmingham, England to the heights of heavy metal stardom, the story of Sharon Osbourne, his ever-loving wife who never gave up on him (even when, in a haze of a drugs and booze, he tried to strangle her). Booze, drugs, and rock`n`roll. That’s Ozzy for you.

What the press would say:

“The Diary of A Mad Man” is part rock musical, part family drama, and part horror movie. There has never been a more terrifying scene than when Ozzy attacks Sharon. There has never been a more powerful moment than when Randy Rhoads dies. And there has never been a more thrilling musical performance than when Ozzy performs Crazy Train for a crowd of thousands. Johnny Depp is magnificent as the Prince of Darkness. He is perfect in ever scene. It’s almost shocking how he turns from the youthful Ozzy of Black Sabbath to the near-corpse at the end of the movie. Emma Thompson is spot on as Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, who steals most of the scenes she appears in. Rob Zombie, who has directed only horror movies up until now, shows that he has more talent than many will give him credit for. The New York Times has called this “The Walk The Line of Heavy Metal” while Roger Ebert raves, “Johnny Depp gives the performance of a lifetime!”

Best Picture
Best Director – Rob Zombie
Best Actor – Johnny Depp
Best Actress – Emma Thompson
Best Original Screenplay – Rob Zombie and James Somerton
Best Sound

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