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Fresh Heir: Volume II

Author: Brian
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"Fresh Heir: Volume II"

Directed by Paul Greengrass
Written by Paul Greengrass and Akiva Goldsman
Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Natalie Portman (Nina Wilson)
Elijah Wood (Todd Hall)
Al Pachino (Nathaniel Bennett)
Tom Hanks (William Sanders)
Terrence Howard (Former Chairman Michael Finn)
Uma Thurman (Stacy Jameson)
Harrison Ford (Dr. Henry Terrison)
Virginia Madsen (Christina Benson)

Tagline: "This December, Find Your Redemption"

Synopsis: The second episode of “Fresh Heir” takes place 6 years after the overthrow of Queen Nina Wilson by Nathaniel Bennett. The young nation of Dalena now not only has no allies, but is also an enemy of almost all other countries. Nina, Todd and Michael Finn have now been taken prisoner, and are awaiting their execution. Dictator Bennett, Head Advisor William Sanders and Lead Military Commander Stacy Jameson are currently killing anyone in their country due to leaking information or voicing negative opinions, with an average of nearly 40 executions a week. Nina, Todd and Finn abandon the prison and form an underground organization of former Dalena politicians and current fugitives. They plan to overthrow Bennett and the others, just as they had successfully done against Nina.

As they prepare for Civil War, Nina becomes deeply depressed. She refuses to control over the war, leaving her alone with Todd. The entirely unorganized group mostly meets death, except they make a landmark accomplishment when they are able to assassinate Bennett. Meanwhile, Dr. Henry Terrison, also a supporter of the rebellion, comes to Nina in an attempt to cure her. The chapter ends with the burning of Bennett’s headquarters, and when Nina goes missing. If they should win the war that has not yet begun, Christina Benson will take over for Nina.

What the press would say:

Just when you thought the epic series couldn’t get better, Volume II is released. All of the original cast returns (or…at least the ones that lived through Volume I) for this stand-up-and-cheer film. It is inconceivable to call a three and a half hour movie with an intermission lean, but it in fact is. The wonderful performances, the perfect script and sophisticated direction make this a classic, just like the first. I said it before, and I’ll say it now. Bring on Volume III!

For Your Consideration:

Best Picture (Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks)
Best Director (Paul Greengrass)
Best Actor (Elijah Wood, Al Pachino)
Best Actress (Natalie Portman)
Best Supporting Actor (Tom Hanks, Terrence Howard)
Best Supporting Actress (Uma Thurman)
Best Original Screenplay (Paul Greengrass and Akiva Goldsman)
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing
Best Makeup
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design

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