Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Perfect Day for a Banafish

Author: Jack
Location: New York

"A Perfect Day for Banafish"

Directed by Stephen Daldrey
Written by Ronald Bass
Music by James Horner
Costumes by Colleen Atwood

Principal Cast:

Seymour Glass- Richard Gere
Muriel Glass- Toni Collette
Sybil Carpenter-Elle Fanning

Tagline: "The story of a tortured man"

Synopsis: Muriel's mother is worried. Seymour (Richard Gere) and Muriel(Toni Collette) go on a vacation to Florida to see where their marriage is going. Seymour has exibited some anti-social behavior before, but when they get to the resort, he seems to become more reclusive. He only seems to connect with children, and spends all his time out of the room. Muriel doesn't admit that anything is wrong . One day he meets Sybil Carpenter on the beach and they go swimming. He tells her the story of the Bananafish, who eats so many bananas that it cannot fit out of their hole. Eventually they contact Banana Fever and die. He heads up to his room and shoots himself in the head.

What the press would say:

An adaptation of the famous Salinger short story with fabulous acting all throughout. Richard Gere is Seymour Glass, playing the tortured soul with a style he has not exhibited in any other film. Toni Collette plays the confused wife in denial not willing to accept that her husband has a mental disorder . Elle Fanning (Dakota's sister) gives a cute and sassy performance as a little girl Seymour befriends. A wonderful, wonderful movie.

Oscar potential-
Best Picture
Best Actress-Toni Collette
Best Actor-Richard Gere
Best Supporting Actress-Elle Fanning
Best Original Score- James Horner
Best Director-Stephen Daldrey
Best Adapted Screenplay-Ronald Bass
Best Costume Design-Colleen Atwood
And other technical catagories...

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