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Generation Gap

Author: Matt
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"Generation Gap"

Directed By: Sam Mendes
Written By: Alexander Payne
Produced By: Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor

Principal Cast:

Shirley MacLaine as Lorraine Moskevich (Grandma Mo)
Rob Marshall as Bradley Moskevich (Grandpa Mo)
Amy Adams as Younger Lorraine
Benjamin McKenzie as Younger Bradley
Julianne Moore as Leslie Lebonowski (Mother)
Lindsay Lohan as Missy Lebonowski (Daughter)
Kevin Costner as Nicholas Lebonowski
Adam Brody as Miles Kman

Tagline: "Things have changed since back in the day"

Synopsis: A young woman, Missy (Lohan), grew up listening to the stories that her Grandparent's told her. Each tale had a different theme, such as Love, Wealth, Acceptance, and Work. The Grandparents would explain how they fell in love, and how no physical intimacy occurred before marriage. The pair would tell about how money would go so much further when they were in their prime. Not to mention how hard they had to work for their money! In addition, the seniors would describe racism and prejudice towards their friends and neighbors. The film unfolds each story through flashbacks with the younger versions of the Grandparents. As Missy grew up, she found it more easy to relate her grandparents tales to her own life. However, times had changed. She was being pressured by her boyfriend (Brody) to be intimate, and by her parents to get a job that hardly paid. Missy thinks back on the old stories, and wonders which generation was better. Or is any certain time better? Or is it just life?

What the press would say:

Generation Gap is the perfect film to gap the division of comedy and drama. It blends each genre in wonderful ways. Lohan gives an amazing performance, without trying too hard to be grown-up. Shirley MacLaine proves that she is a cinematic legend. Julianne Moore is better here than in the previously nominated, The Hours. Amy Adams and Benjamin McKenzie capture the atmosphere of the old days, and appear confident and real. They give outstanding performances. Rob Marshall and Kevin Costner provide a real base to the film. Plus, Marshall is hilarious! Both Alexander Payne and Sam Mendes hit home-runs, again. An all-together original film.

Possible Awards:
Best Picture
Best Director: Sam Mendes
Best Original Screenplay: Alexander Payne
Best Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Best Supporting Actress: Shirley MacLaine
Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actor: Rob Marshall
Best Song: "Changes" by Faith Hill
Best Editing
Best Costumes

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