Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lost in America

Author: James Somerton
Location: NS, Canada

"Lost in America"

Directed by: James Somerton
Written by: James Somerton

Principal Cast:

Haley Joel Osment as Blake Referno
Joaquin Phoenix as Antoine Sergeni
Felcitiy Huffman as Patricia Referno
Jensen Ackles as Tony Referno
Jamie Lynn Sigler as Kristin Referno
James Cann as Michael Referno
Adrian Belleni as Sergio Montefore

Tagline: "Sometimes Getting Lost in the Only Way to Find Yourself"

Synopsis: Blake Referno should be a typical teenaged boy. He looks like one. He sounds like one. But he isn’t one. Blake is the son of Michael Referno, the biggest mob boss in the country. After his father’s death, Blake moves in with his sister Kristin, who’s autobiography “The Goddaughter” is climbing the best-seller list. Kristin was kicked out at the age of seventeen after telling her father that she’s a lesbian. Living with Kristin, Blake meets a man named Antoine Sergeni. Antoine seems like a very good man but what Blake doesn’t know is that Antoine is the man behind his father’s murder.

When Kristin’s book is turned into a movie, Blake moves to California with her. Antoine follows close behind. It is in California that Blake meets his mother Patricia, who he had though died at childbirth but was, in fact, sent away after being caught sleeping with Antoine. She was even sleeping with Antoine when Blake was conceived. Now Blake is faced with the fact that his father may not be his father, that his mother isn’t really dead, and that his father’s underworld connections are looking for him

What the press would say:

“Lost in America” is absolutely stunning! This is a family drama so dark and mysterious that even the most jaded moviegoer will find something new. First time writer and director James Somerton crafts a complex and moving portrait of the perfect American family gone wrong. Never have characters been so interesting. The actors bring everything to the table in this character driven film. Haley Joel Osment reminds why he was an Oscar nominee for “The Sixth Sense” as he shows us the inner workings of Blake Referno; a child psychologist’s dream. Joaquin Phoenix is lovable and despicable all at the same time as Antoine Sergeni; a man than even Freud couldn’t decipher.

Felicity Huffman gives a career-defining performance as Blake’s drug addicted long lost mother. She is menacing in her scenes with Antoine and completely sympathetic in her scenes with Blake; showing the complete mish-mash of emotions flooding through this woman’s head. Jensen Ackles, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and James Cann fill out the rest of Blake’s family. Ackles as his rapist brother, Tony; Sigler as his lesbian sister, Kristin; andCann as his overbearing, crime-lord father. This movie is an amazing debut film.

Best Picture
Best Original Screenplay – James Somerton
Best Actor – Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actor – Joaquin Phoenix
Best Supporting Actor – James Cann
Best Supporting Actress – Felicity Huffman
Best Editing
Best Original Score

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