Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Price of Freedom

Author: Marcus D.
Location: Cleveland, OH

"The Price of Freedom"

Directed by Michael Mann
Written by Michael Colleary & Mike Werb
Score by Alexandre Desplat

Principal Cast:

Peter Greene-Jonathan Cassel
Carrie Anne Moss-Nicole Winters
Michael Keaton-Jack Crisata
Scott Terra-Young John
Vincent Cassel-Walter Jones
Hannah Pikes-Michelle Jones
Gabriel Byrne-Kenneth Landry
Toni Collette-Anna

Tagline: "How much does happiness cost?"

Synopsis: An assassin’s (Peter Greene) bland life is complicated by love, betrayal, and humane duty. His situation forces him to almost into insanity until he has to perform the task that will set him free.

What the press would say:

One of the best films I have seen in recent years. This isn’t your average movie about assassins. It takes it to a deep level using flashbacks, a haunting score by Alexandre Desplat (Hostage, Syriana), and Michael Mann’s aggressive direction. Peter Greene gives an amazing performance as this confused assassin. He starts as a confident man but slowly begins questioning his sanity and humanity. Scott Terra also gives a great performance as the younger John. His innocence gives a sense that Jon was not born violent. Gabriel Byrne gives a good performance as John’s abusive foster father. Carrie Anne Moss gives a sleek performance as love interest Nicole, who shares John’s wittiness and charm. Michael Keaton returns from doing bad horror films and kid movies and gives a great performance as the mob-boss Jack Crisata. Vincent Cassel gives a sickeningly brilliant performance as a child molester and Hannah Pikes stars as his victim. The Price Of Freedom is a brilliant film and should be a serious contender come Award season.

Best Picture
Best Director-Michael Mann
Best Original Screenplay-Michael Colleary & Mike Werb
Best Actor-Peter Greene
Best Supporting Actor-Gabriel Byrne
Best Supporting Actor-Michael Keaton
Best Supporting Actress-Carrie Anne Moss
Best Supporting Actress-Hannah Pikes
Best Cinematography
Best Makeup
Best Editing
Best Score-Alexandre Desplat

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