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Acceptable Behavior

Author: David
Location: Kentucky

"Acceptable Behavior"

Directed by Adrian Lyne
Written by Steven Soderbergh
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Angelina Jolie (Mrs. Julie Grace)
Emile Hirsch (Josh Mills)
Mark Walberg (Dan Grace)
Joan Allen (Sarah Mills)
Jeff Bridges (Alex Mills)
Lindsey Lohan (Lauren Bright)
Jon Voight (Principal Conner)

Tagline: "Love is but a Simple Thing"

Synopsis: The story is ripped right from the headlines. In a culture where older woman are dating younger men, when is the line crossed. In a small Alabama town, a thirty something high school English teacher (played by Jolie) has just started off her school year. Everything is going well. However, it’s a typical school year and she seems bored with her routine. None of the kids are interested in her Shakespeare plays and sonnet lessons. That’s until Josh enrolls in her class.

Josh (played by Emile) is a sixteen year old who has just transferred from a private Upstate New York School. His family’s high society lifestyle has just been shattered due to Wall Street. They have moved to Alabama to start a new life. Josh understands Mrs. Grace lectures on Shakespeare and is interested in her lesson plans. A relationship blossoms between the two, and life becomes anything but typical.

What the press would say:

Adrian Lyne has come back full force. People just can’t stop talking about this film. No film since Lynes’s Fatal Attraction has created so much buzz. Even the title comes from a scene in the film, where teacher Grace tells Josh’s parents he has Acceptable Behavior, during a parent-teacher conference. Angelina is brilliant as the Alabama school teacher who falls in love with her student (Emile). Both Jolie and Hirsh create brilliant onscreen chemistry. You actually feel for the characters situation. Hirsch has finally discovered Oscar gold!

Supporting cast is brilliant as well. The parents played by Allen and Bridges show deep emotion of pain on screen. Their life seems to keep spiraling downhill. Walberg gives a good performance as the husband caught in the middle. Lohan gives it her all playing the girlfriend of Hirsh while trying to piece together the puzzle. Voight as Principal Connor is an intriguing character considering his small role. Overall, “Acceptable Behavior” is a significant film that focuses on current social issues unlike any other. The film is both serious and entertaining.

Extremely Possible Oscar Nominations:

Best Picture
Best Director / Adrian Lyne
Best Original Script / Steven Soderbergh
Best Original Score / James Horner
Best Actress / Angelina Jolie
Best Actor / Emile Hirsh
Best Supporting Actor / Jon Voight
Best Supporting Actor / Mark Walberg
Best Film Editing

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