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One Last Time

Author: Maia
Location: LA

"One Last Crime"

Written, Photographed, Edited and Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Original Score by David Holmes
Original Song “One Last Crime” performed by Il Divo & Shania Twain

Principal Cast:

Brad Pitt as Dante Smith
Tobey Maguire as Lyle O’Hare
Nick Nolte as Johnny Salvatore
Eva Mendes as Patricia

Tagline: "We All Can Change, Right?"

Synopsis: A professional assassin obsessed with good looks and snakes (Pitt) and a clueless bank robber with a heart of gold (Maguire) become unlikely runaway partners when the crimes that were supposed to be their respective last ones go wrong.

The odd duo, joined by their need to escape the law from Las Vegas to south of the border, start as enemies but soon begin to bond as their journey from the Nevada desert to the mexican soil gets full of hilarious situations involving rattlesnakes, a sexy motel maid and lots of “This is my last crime” broken promises.

What the press would say:

“One Last Crime” is the best comedy of the year! Packed with sharp humor and over-the-top moments, the latest film by Steven Soderbergh is times ahead of his previous comedy/heist amalgam “Ocean’s Eleven.” Brad Pitt is terrific as the self-contained and snobbish Dante Smith and Tobey Maguire is deeply touching as the shy Lyle O’Hare.

The film wastes no time on introducing us to Smith and O’Hare’s criminal lives and showing us the meaning of the project’s title: Pitt’s Smith discovers that his patron and godfather Johnny Salvatore (a playful Nick Nolte) was the killer of his parents when he was a child and also, of his recently diseased wife. Decided to seek revenge, Smith kills Salvatore and plans to escape to Los Cabos in a rental car. Maguire’s O’Hare is the eight of nine sons of a humble family, he’s convinced by a friend to rob a bank as solution for his family’s money problems. O’Hare and his friend ally with a couple of expert mobs who end up betraying them when they successfully steal from a local bank. O’Hare manages to escape the crime scene with part of the money when his friend protects him and kills their traitors. Then, O’Hare seeks for a way to flee and spots a car parked on an alley, he jumps to the backseat and hides. Seconds later, Smith gets on board and runs the engine.

Away from the city into the desert, Smith finds O’Hare and wants him out but when he realizes that he’s lost his own money and that his credit cards have been freezed, he takes O’Hare and mostly: his money as his protégés.

And those are only the first 15 minutes of this hilarious comedy! From that point, the duets’ rivalry and mutual distrust make the next 105 minutes a blast! Soderbergh’s smart writing makes the film an unforgettable laugh-fest!

Technical aspects leave nothing to desire and the fabulous music written by Soderbergh’s fetish composer David Holmes stands out. The appropriately unlike pairing of European quartet Il Divo and country idol Shania Twain in the original song “One Last Crime” captures the contrast of our two main characters alternating between the pop opera that represents Smith and the country rock of Twain that goes well with O’Hare personality.

Consider this comedy for the next awards:

Best Picture – AMPAS
Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) – HFPA
Best Director
Best Original Screenplay
Best Actor – Brad Pitt
Best Actor – Tobey Maguire
Best Supporting Actor – Nick Nolte
Best Original Score
Best Song

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