Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Church

Author: George
Location: Atlanta

"The Church"

Directed by: Terrence Malick
Written by: Terrence Malick

Principal Cast:

Henry Ian Cusick as John Forbes
Rosario Dawson as Jewel
Jonathan Pryce as The Pastor
Bruce Willis as Don
John Terry as Tyler
Kate Winslet as Rachel

Tagline: "Not Every Life Is As Bad As It Seems"

Synopsis: John Forbes (Cusick) has a pretty terrible life. He has a bad apartment, two months of rent he hasn't paid, his mother just died, and he got fired the day before yesterday. Also he constantly gets mugged buy a couple of bad people and they sometimes take his money. Forbes is thinking about suicide so he goes to his church. The pastor (Pryce) tells him to go to the altar and share his story with the four other people sitting there. Forbes is skeptical but goes anyway. He meets a girl named Jewel (Dawson) and shares his story with her. Then she tells him her story about being a prostitute and that she is pregnant after being raped by some man. Then Don (Willis) tells about his addiction to herione and he has to live on the street because all the money he gets he buys herione with. After that, Rachel (Winslet) tells about her baby that got stolen from her a week ago by a convicted child rapist. Her baby's body was found dead in a river three days after it went missing. Then there was silence for a while and Forbes asks Tyler his story. Tyler says that he is an alcoholic and constantly gets drunk and also that he was raped by two men the day before yesterday. They are all contemplating suicide and Jewel cries and Forbes goes to comfort her. Forbes leaves thinking that his life isn't that bad after all and he leaves the church with the pastor smiling behind him.

What the press would say:

A great and heart wrenching achievement!

Supp. Actor (Terry)

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