Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Ballad of Eric and Julia

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"The Ballad of Eric and Julia"

Directed by Woody Allen
Written by Woody Allen
Produced by Eric Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland
Music by Mark Knopfler

Principal Cast:

Rachel McAdams - Julia Roberts
Adrien Brody - Eric Roberts
Corey Haim - Danny Moder
Brittany Murphy - Vera Steimberg Moder
Rebecca DeMorney - Kelly Cunningham
Joshua Jackson - Jason Patric
Tracy Morgan - Oprah Winfrey
Emma Cunningham Roberts - Herself
Lyle Lovitt - Himself
Kiefer Sutherland - Himself
Benjamin Bratt - Himself
Mickey Rourke - Himself

Tagline: "Sibling rivalry never looked so glamorous"

Synopsis: Eric Roberts, acclaimed character actor helps open the door to his younger sister Julia. But when marital troubles hit Eric's family, Julia sides against her brother in the divorce hearings, completely estranged, Julia sets out on stardom while Eric hits lifetime lows with drugs, depression and bad movies. The only friend there for him is his old co-star Mickey Rourke to help him pick up the pieces. Eric re-establishes himself as King of the B movies. Julia, now best friend to Oprah Winfrey, lives the life of the perfect pregnant actress. Her child is born and demands the courts to not allow her daughter's uncle to visit or speak her name in public. Eric, completely devastated that his family is being completely shut out from him, begins to write his memoirs. He interviews his ex brother in-laws (Sutherland, Bratt, and Lovitt), he finds he's not the only person she's hurt. Julia, retired from acting in films, tries her hand at Broadway. Endless amounts of bad reviews and a tell all book from her brother, forces Julia to re-evaluate her priorities.

What the press would say:

Only the most acclaimed Director/Writer could take on the exploits of one of Hollywood's most darling starlets. The man, Woody Allen. The starlet, Julia Roberts. Not everyone is perfect and that's the point Woody Allen tries to demonstrate here, taking Julia down to reality. Behind the Oscar, and "perfect" marriage to Danny Moder lies the controlling and egotistical life and past that will soon come back to haunt her when she hits her low appearing on Broadway. Adrien Brody and Rachel McAdams hit their pitch perfect marks in the intense moments of sibling rivalry. The Ballad of Eric and Julia offer up many memorable scenes. None more memorable than Kiefer Sutherland punching out ex-best friend Jason Patric (Joshua Jackson) for stealing his fiancee, Julia. Corey Haim shines the most in this epic as Danny Moder. Rachel McAdams' sireness Julia lures Danny away from his wife. Never has romance been so blissful. The Ballad of Eric and Julia will be remembered for a long time to come.

Best Picture
Best Director - Woody Allen
Best Actor - Adrien Brody
Best Actress - Rachel McAdams
Best Supporting Actor - Corey Haim
Best Supporting Actor - Tracy Morgan
Best Supporting Actress - Rebecca DeMorney
Best Original Screenplay - Woody Allen
Best Score - Mark Knopfler
Best Original Song - "The Ballad of Eric & Julia" by Paul McCartney
Best Editing - John Wright
Best Cinematography - Douglas Slocombe
Best Costume Design

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