Saturday, June 21, 2008

We All Fall Down

Author: Matt
Location: Illinois

"We All Fall Down"

Directed By: Mike Nichols
Adapted Screenplay By: Sophia Coppola (Based on the Novel By: Robert Cormier)
Produced By: Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg
Edited By: Clint Eastwood
Score By: Clint Eastwood

Principal Cast:

Emmy Rossum as Karen Jerome
Amy Adams as Jane Jerome
Haley Joel Osment as Buddy Walker
Scott Mechlowicz as Harry Flowers
Morgan Freeman as Michael Rooney (Michael Looney)
Joshua Peck as Amos Dalton
Dakota Fanning as Addy Walker
Cate Blanchett as Mrs. Walker
Tom Hanks as Mr. Jerome
Demi Moore as Mrs. Jerome

Tagline: "In Life, We All Fall Down Once in a While"

Synopsis: Based on the mysterious and intriguing novel by Robert Cormier, We All Fall Down is a perfect mixture of thrilling and dramatic material. One night, a group of vandals break into a house in Cape Cod. The group is led by Harry Flowers (Mechlowicz). The boys break windows, piss on the walls, vomit on the carpet, and all together destroy the house, which is owned by the Jerome family. Karen Jerome (Rossum) enters the house as it is being vandalized. All but one of the vandals attack her, rape her, and push her down the stairs. The one vandal who wasn't involved in this abuse was Buddy Walker (Osment). Still, Karen was severely injured and was put into a coma. As the vandals fled, a shaded character, who witnessed the offense, vows to take revenge on the gang of vandals. The film unfolds, and Buddy meets and falls in love with Jane Jerome (Adams). However, Jane does not know that he is one of the vandals that trashed her house. Buddy is welcomed by the Jerome's, but has to hold in a guilty conscious. Meanwhile, Harry Flowers' life spins out of control as he drinks to forget about what he and his gang did. Eventually, the Avenger is revealed, but only after some of the vandals are killed, injured, and emotionally drained. Before the reveal, the audience must try to uncover the identity of the Avenger. Is it the handyman, Michael Rooney (Freeman)? Or maybe its a neighborhood boy, Amos Dalton (Peck)?

What the press would say:

The mostly young cast steps up to the plate and become their characters. Amy Adams shines in this dramatic role, and she is even better here than in the Junebug. Emmy Rossum, who has a relatively small role, shows real fear and terror in her short amount of screen time. Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and Cate Blanchett are great as always. Scott Mechlowicz and Haley Howl Osment prove that they can truly act and are deserving of awards. Joshua Peck, who was brilliant in Mean Creek, can finally be acknowledged by an audience. He gives the breakthrough performance of the year. The screenplay is perfect, and flows well. Sophia Coppola makes the characters real, while Mike Nichols creates suspense, never before experienced in cinema. Robert Cormier would be proud!

Possible Awards:

Best Picture
Best Adapted Screenplay: Sophia Coppola
Best Director: Mike Nichols
Best Actor: Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Supporting Actor: Joshua Peck
Best Supporting Actor: Scott Mechlowicz
Best Actress: Amy Adams
Best Supporting Actress: Emmy Rossum
Best Editing: Clint Eastwood
Best Score: Clint Eastwood

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